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EPISODE 1.08 Cath McBreen: Overcoming Dyslexia to Become an IVF Nursing Specialist

Cath shares how she worked to overcome dyslexia to master nursing school and become a Reproductive Endrin Chronology and Reproductive Nurse as a military wife.  She discusses the common ages of fertility and the options to have a baby. She provides detail on how the treatment of IVF is carried out and the earlier problems of multiple births. She describes the emotional effects of the IVF process. She talks about what is a “good match” for a gestational carrier.

She talks about how sexual harassment was rampant in the 1980’s and how she avoided it. Her most important contribution was to help couples have their dream come true, but she also describes the saddest situation she encountered. She describes the importance of her relationship with her father and the challenges of her relationship with her mother.  She talks about overcoming her biggest fear – public speaking. In retirement, she and her husband spend 7 months in a motor home.

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