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Archive for September 2019

Humility and the Color Green

“You Know Where You’ve Been, But You Don’t Know Where You are Going” By Beverly Kuykendall This was expressed to me as a warning many times by my mother as I was growing up. Now that I am an adult woman, I understand its meaning. It means to be careful what you leave behind as…

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My Love Affair Part 6. And Then There Were 3

There were a few couples besides Harry and his wife. Even the police chief’s parents were in the highrise. They were often busy with family. They were among the lucky ones, as were others in the building who had families who visited. Some others had families, but they rarely visited. It broke my heart to…

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My Love Affair Part 5. The Women in the Building

I must also tell you about the women. There were many, and I can’t tell you all the stories, but some still stick in my mind. Nellie (a very proper lady) and I used to chat about what used to be. Many people wanted to view the highrise, and she allowed us to show her…

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My Love Affair Part 4. The Men in the Building

Life in the highrise continued on. There were more women in the building than men. Believing in the adage that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” there were many dishes delivered throughout the building to the few men who were brave enough to live there, some surreptitiously left outside the door…

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My Love Affair Part 3. Integrating Concord Street into the New Highrise

The next hurdle was to relocate the Concord Street residents. I thought it would be easy — the highrise was so much nicer than where they had been living. I knew they would be excited. Not so. Babe was the biggest challenge. First of all, we had no parking meters to talk to. And no liquor stores…

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My Love Affair Part 2. The Most Exciting New Year’s Eve

As the elderly highrise building took shape and became a reality, it was time to start taking applications. I went all over town, talking up the building.  At first it was slow. People were embarrassed to have to apply for low-income housing. It seemed like welfare to them. But when I got them into the…

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