Month: July 2020

Dwight Ink

The Indiana Jones Of Public Administrators Ep. 40 – Meet Dwight Ink, a 97-year-old activist who has had a fascinating life and one of the best storytellers ever! His government career serving 7 Presidents is magnificent! Top Takeaways: How to learn to fight for what is right even when you could possibly lose your job …

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James W Loewen

Racial History and Sundown Towns Ep. 39 – James Loewen’s gripping retelling of American racial history as it should, and could, be taught, Lies My Teacher Told Me, has sold more than 1,500,000 copies and continues to inspire K-16 teachers to get students to challenge, rather than memorize, their textbooks. Top Takeaways: Fighting for the …

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Lyn Burton

Facilitating Leadership for the Affordable Housing Industry Ep. 38 – Lyn Burton, Executive Director of Affordable Housing Connections, is changing the mindset of affordable housing and providing an educational opportunity by facilitating leadership for the affordable housing industry for young people interested in making a difference. Top Takeaways: Educating on new careers in a new …

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Marshall Kaplan

A First-Hand Account of the History of HUD Ep. 8 – Marshall Kaplan has stamped his mark on community development under Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and Carter. And he has some definite opinions on HUD! Top Takeaways: Factors that have blurred HUD’s history since its inception Why federal programs rarely worked and only some slight variations …

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Kent Colton

The Ivory Prize and Innovations in Affordable Housing Ep. 16 – Kent W. Colton is a sought-after voice in housing policy. As president of the Colton Housing Group and senior research fellow at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, he has a sweeping knowledge of the long effort to ensure all Americans have adequate and …

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Sheila Jones

Fighting for Environmental Justice Ep. 91 – Meet Attorney Sheila Jones, a law professor at Georgetown Law School and a private practice attorney with a 40-year career spanning federal service, private practice, academia, and volunteer service with environmental preservation nonprofits. Sheila’s passion is fighting for environmental justice. She was born and raised in the nation’s …

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