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Ep. 94 - The Financial Diva, Victoria Woods is the founder, CEO, and Chief Investment Advisor to millionaires for ChappelWood Financial Services, based in Edmond, OK. Hear her story from growing up without lunch money to advising millionaires today on investments. Regardless of how much money you have, her advice will help you set a plan in motion to get rich. Successful entrepreneur and investor, she mixes fun, wit and wisdom as she shares practical, easy-to-understand financial advice. Since 1988, ChappelWood has been helping clients both in Oklahoma and nationwide reach their financial goals. She is the author of “It’s All About The $Money, Honey!” book, written after the insistence of clients, financial professionals, and listeners of her radio program. She is also the visionary and founder of the 84-acre Financial District of Oklahoma in Edmond. She has hosted her own radio show "It's All About The $Money, Honey!" on the popular iHeartMedia talk station, NewsRadio 1000 KTOK in Oklahoma City for years and has a YouTube channel with 146 videos where she educates people financially for free. Victoria also founded Women for Financial Independence, an organization that helped women learn the strategies of investing and finance.

“Don’t take advice from broke people: physically, financially, or spiritually” and "Those who say it cannot be done should never interrupt those doing it!"


As Seen On TV! The Financial Diva, Victoria Woods, has appeared in the following media outlets for her advice, as well as many others too lengthy to list: Today Show, Success Today, FoxNews, Fox Business, KCBS 2 Los Angeles, WFOR 4 Miami, KXAS 5 Dallas, NBC Ft. Worth, SMIR Palm Springs, CA.

Woods is widely sought out to serve on various boards, committees and judging events, which includes judging the Mrs. International Pageant in 2008 and lecturing on Royal Caribbean International Cruises.   Woods has also been elected as a White House Conference Delegate and a member of the President’s Advisory Board. She was named the National Association of Women Business Owners “Best of the Best,” and one of Oklahoma City’s Journal Record’s 50 Most Influential Women. Appointed by the Governor to serve as Commissioner on the Status of Women.

Listen in to learn the importance of being money smart and making the right investment decisions. You will also learn the importance of starting to save and investing for your retirement early in life to live a financially stress-free life after you retire. From her Financial Diva podcast to her book, "It's All About the Money, Honey" to her successful investment business, ChappelWood to her "how to's" on her website, she's a dynamo you won't want to miss!

Top Takeaways:

  • Learning to earn what you’re worth by outing the energy in what you do
  • How to be smart enough to be open to opportunities
  • How to choose the right partner that is supportive of what you do as you reach your dreams
  • Mastering the skill of not going in with preconceived negative ideas
  • How to be smart with your money and save for your retirement
  • What is the best time to retire?
  • How to discover and get paid for your passion by always educating yourself

Key Moments:

She describes her difficult childhood as the one that led her to lean towards finance as a career [2:59]

Why you only need a strategy to be a good financial advisor and not math [4:43]

She shares how she learned to see opportunities and get passionate with the support of her husband [9:13]

Victoria describes learning to work with men was one of her biggest challenge [12:46]

The importance of having a positive mindset when going in to work on a project [17:43]

Understanding the importance of protecting your assets and having a retirement plan in place [20:39]

How to start saving early at 19 years to secure your future [32:16]

Victoria explains the process of investing that she takes her clients through- the pros and cons [34:31]

The average age of retirement today and the available options for those who don’t want to retire [39:41]

The steps you need to take to make the right decisions with investing your money [41:39]

How she learned to work hard towards her goals by being passionate about what she does [44:54]

Why she does YouTube financial education videos [47:54]

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