How to Help Victims of Human Trafficking | Kristen Keen

Renew Hope, Reignite Dreams and Release Potential for People Through Business! Ep. 114 – Kristen Keen – How do you create a space for sexually traumatized women to find safety and know their worth and value? A place where women with human trafficking experience can feel safe helps with not only their healing and restoration …

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How to Make the Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Tiffany Manuel

Dr. Tiffany Manuel is the President and CEO of TheCaseMade, an organization dedicated to helping leaders powerfully and intentionally make the case for systems change. She works with hundreds of passionate social change leaders, changemakers, and innovators around the United States who are building better, stronger communities that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

Learn From Anywhere – the NEW TrailBlazers Academy

I believe some women have a tiny seed germinating inside them that wants to grow and pivot to something new. And, because it’s been my passion for most of my life, entrepreneurship quickly comes to mind as an opportunity to help women who want to start a business. It may mean getting out of the grind, starting a meaningful career, or unlocking the business that’s inside of you. Having been an entrepreneur for over 40 years and still President of the Board of a large company, I know what starting a business is all about. But it isn’t just “a” business. It’s finding the business that’s right for you and that will bring you the joy and rewards you desire.

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