Rick Gentry

One Size Doesn’t Fit All Ep. 21 – Richard C. “Rick” Gentry Rick feels that local governments often know best when it comes to housing solutions for their community, especially in helping families both find, and often keep, their housing. Top Takeaways: The meaning of policy and how it should relate to the real world …

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Charles Edson

Founder of Affordable Housing Organizations Housing expert Charles (Chuck) Edson knew just the moment when affordable housing would become a national issue – when people had to move in with their mother-in-law. Now it is happening, as affordability has moved from the margins to the mainstream due to the lack of supply in many parts …

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Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire

Winning The ‘Board’ Game Ep. 86 – Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire speaks with Nan McKay on the TrailBlazers Impact Podcast and is winning the corporate women on boards game! 2020 Women on Boards is the leading education and advocacy campaign driving the movement toward accelerating gender balance on corporate boards of directors. In 2018, California was the …

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Art Hessel

Changing Times in Housing Development Ep. 33 – Art Hessel shares his career in the housing sector both working for the government and representing clients as an attorney and how housing development has changed over time. You will also hear important tips that you need to keep in mind when pursuing a career in law. …

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Larry Pearl

The Real History of Fair Housing Ep. 22 – Larry Pearl offers a first-hand account of how HUD battled discrimination, was forced to adapt to evolving political views, and at times struggled to achieve its mission. Top Takeaways: Practicing civil rights and fighting for equal opportunity housing The rampant discrimination in the affordable housing sector …

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Harry Finger

The ‘Rocket Man’ For Housing Ep. 24 – Harry Finger started his career as an American aeronautical nuclear engineer. He is the former head of the United States Nuclear Rocket Program So how did he get to HUD and what did he do there? This over-90-year-old did it all! Top Takeaways: How they developed technology …

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