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Ep. 13. Carolyn May: This Is the Time the Torch Is Passed to a New Generation

A young, animated, Carolyn May, worked on Capitol Hill during that period of American history subsequently dubbed  “the Camelot years”:  that period etched in America’s memory as the magical era  of the “Kennedy years”,  and in the public’s memory as an era that will never be repeated.
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EPISODE 1.10 Denise Muha: Always Tell the Truth on the Hill

Congress people and staff rely on Denise as one of the most knowledgeable influencers in affordable housing.  As Executive Director of the National Leased Housing Association in Washington DC, she credits her mentors for giving her an opportunity to gain credibility in the housing world.  She gives advice as to ...
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EPISODE 1.09 Shaune Arnold: I Divorced my Parents at 14

Shaune describes her emotional escape from an abusive household into the foster care system. Through her parents’ abandonment of her through her experiences in various foster homes, one in which the girls all ganged up on her, she tells a mesmerizing story. Through sheer grit and determination, she graduated from ...
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EPISODE 1.08 Cath McBreen: Overcoming Dyslexia to Become an IVF Nursing Specialist

Cath shares how she worked to overcome dyslexia to master nursing school and become a Reproductive Endrin Chronology and Reproductive Nurse as a military wife.  She discusses the common ages of fertility and the options to have a baby. She provides detail on how the treatment of IVF is carried ...
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EPISODE 1.07 Dr. Iris Ann Cooper: Haters Serve an Important Lesson for Achievers

Iris logs in some firsts. Her mother was the first African American Avon Lady and they were the first Black family in their neighborhood in the 1950’s. She went to integrated schools and was the only African American on the debate team. She was black-balled from the National Honor Society ...
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EPISODE 1.06 Beth Cole Part 2: Luck Affects Destiny

Nan and Beth discuss the advent of birth control and the impact on women’s ability to work and how television reinforced the many rules imposed on the role of women. Beth tells about how she coped with her divorce. Beth’s role at National Public Radio reflected the changes of the ...
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EPISODE 1.05 Beth Cole Part 1: “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” No!

As a person who fought for equal rights, Beth worked on Bobby Kennedy’s campaign as a young volunteer addressing envelopes and making phone calls. Undaunted and now bitten by the volunteer bug, she went to work as a volunteer for the George McGovern campaign. George McGovern from South Dakota was ...
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EPISODE 1.04 Nan and DeeDee: Laws Don’t Change Attitudes Overnight

DeeDee and Nan talk about their relationship which began over 40 years ago and why this podcasting project is important to both of them in providing a forum for inspiring stories of women of all races and cultures. They show a path for younger women to understand how to deal ...
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EPISODE 1.03 Meet the Hosts: DeeDeeStrum: The Whole World is a Stage and Everyone Plays a Part

DeeDee describes her life journey having more wins than losses. As a college graduate with a Master’s degree, her father was a commissioned officer with the US Air Force and was with the first wave of Black air force officers which DeeDee credits with the better life style she was ...
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EPISODE 1.02 Meet the Hosts: Nan McKay: “I Will Survive and Hold My Head High!”

Nan McKay tells her story about why TrailBlazers Impact is a burning passion and where it all started in a little town in Illinois when her father was killed and the town blamed his family for the death of an 11 year old boy. She describes how that event forged ...
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