Investor in Women

Investing in Women: Silvia Mah

February 25, 2021

Women are half the population and own 40% of the country’s businesses but only 3% of business investment goes to women. Learn more about investing in women-owned businesses from the expert, Silvia Mah!

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Ellen Walsh Portrait

Global View on Racial and Gender Discrimination: Ellen Walsh

February 15, 2021

Ellen Walsh describes the pain-filled memories of living in Mississippi in the mid-to late-1950s with racial segregation the “law of the land.” She witnessed her mother’s pain as a brown skinned Polynesian married to a white Portuguese engineer. Her mother was directed to the “colored door” while her father was directed to the front door.

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Sumedha Kukreja and Jay Berger Podcast

January 21, 2021

    Therapy on Demand Ep. 123 – What a perfect time for a site like this! Therapy on demand! Meet Sumedha Kukreja and Jay Berger, the founders of Virtual Kare. Sumedha and Jay discuss why they joined forces to improve chronic conditions through telehealth. Whether you suffer from Parkinson’s, knee arthritis pain, bathing and…

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Diane Jackson-Chapman Podcast

January 19, 2021

Determination Beats Education Standardized Tests Diane Jackson-Chapman Ep. 48 – Did you ever wonder if you were “average” on the standardized tests whether you could ever get into college and succeed, especially if you had two kids in tow? Dr. Diane Jackson-Chapman married while in undergraduate school, had a chaotic marriage with two sons to…

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Mozhgan Wafiq Alokozai

Mozhgan Wafiq Alokozai Podcast

December 29, 2020

Empowering Women in Afghanistan Mozhgan Wafiq Alokozai Ep. 118 – Are you courageous? Imagine yourself walking down a street in Afghanistan. You have to be accompanied by a male relative. As you walk along, the potential of a bomb exploding is very real. How do you economically and socially empower oppressed women? Education. By arming…

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Allison Shapira Portrait

Allison Shapira Podcast

November 12, 2020

Find Your Voice Ep. 109 – Find your voice – Allison Shapira did but in an unusual way! We are often too afraid of what the future holds when what we thought we wanted doesn’t happen, right? The disappointment and the inability to pick ourselves up and find another passion that might fulfill us in…

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Inspiring Podcasts

Runa Magnus

October 29, 2020

Divisive Black and White Thinking RÚNA MAGNÚSDÓTTIR, (Runa Magnus) created the antidote for divisive and black and white thinking in the #NoMoreBoxes Movement.  We all unconsciously box people, creating automatic perceptions and resulting conflict. Find out how a change in a little four-letter word can change your world. She believes that life doesn’t exist in…

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A Beacon of Hope

Neelam Chahlia

October 22, 2020

Mrs. Washington America: A First! Ep. 106 – Visualize yourself standing on the stage, wondering who will be crowned, and then . . . they call your name. Neelam Chahlia tells us what it is like to win Mrs. Washington America and then to go on to the nationals. She created history by being the…

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Business Podcasts

Carolyn May

October 21, 2020

Pass the Torch to a New Generation Ep. 13 – Carolyn May actually witnessed President John Kennedy’s Inaugural Speech on the steps of the Capitol to pass the torch to a new generation. She heard JFK beseech Americans to “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what You can do for your…

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Business Podcasts

Sharon Cossey and Gail Gillespie

September 10, 2020

Life, Discrimination, and Divorce Ep. 43 – What was it like as an African-American woman growing up in the U.S. in the 1960’s and 1970’s? Sharon Cossey, Gail Gillespie, and Nan McKay, long-term friends on a retreat in Las Vegas, have a candid conversation about a variety of subjects from growing up experiences to going…

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