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How to Open the Sales Door the Easy Way | Caryn Kopp

Caryn Kopp is the Chief Door Opener at Kopp Consulting, whose door opening services have had thousands secure initial meetings at the executive level in almost every major company. She is a bestselling author, nationally recognized speaker, and an expert in Business Development. She has held board positions for major organizations and has also received various leadership awards.

How to Be Creative Behind the Scenes | Raynette Halvorsen Smith

Have you ever wondered how those fabulous scenes for plays are created? Meet Raynette Halvorsen Smith, a retired Professor from Kent State University’s School of Theatre and Dance where she served as School Director from 1991-1996. In the early days, she wasn’t always welcomed as a woman and was a “first and only” woman scenic designer. Raynette shares her first-hand experience with the disparity in pay for women professors.

TV Commercial Star at Age 80 | Mildred Morgan Ball

Mildred Morgan Ball – Imagine yourself in a store. Someone walks up to you and says, “Would you like to be a TV star in commercials?” At age 80, she became a local and regional “star” of 136 TV commercials! Mildred Morgan Ball provides her journey on a career peppered with being the “first and only”, starting with her high school career in the late 1940s, and continuing through a career of promoting gender and racial equity for young athletes and the performing arts.

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