Jennifer Fink Portrait

Single Parenting, Depression and Raising Boys: Jennifer Fink

February 15, 2021

Surviving a divorce, home schooling, and parenting and then getting remarried, Jennifer Fink has experience in and thoughts about many areas, including counseling, anxiety, and today’s issues our children are facing.

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Julia Toronczak

Julia Toronczak Podcast

February 4, 2021

Julie Toronczak demonstrates that trailblazers are ageless. Her mission is to share the lessons she has learned in Self-Love through growing up with her twin brother Michael who has downs syndrome. Her story is heart-rending while being educational. She doesn’t downplay how hard it can be to communicate, but gives insight to understanding and communicating with a close family member with Downs Syndrome. She is an example for all of us.

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Belinda Kendall Portrait

Belinda Kendall Podcast

November 23, 2020

A Media Star with Passion and Stamina Belinda Kendall Ep. 111 –  What are you passionate about? Are you willing to sacrifice and even be hurt while fulfilling your purpose? Do you have enough stamina to get knocked down but get up again? Be ready to use whatever platform you’re given and every opportunity available…

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Carnela Renee Hill Portrait

Carnela Renee Hill Podcast

November 23, 2020

Faith-Based Power of Walking Afraid Ep. 59 – Have you discovered the faith-based power of walking afraid? This is a how-to on moving past and finding the lesson. Have you learned how to live with a purpose? Sometimes life hands you pain and adversity and it’s up to you to learn how to move past…

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Allison Shapira Portrait

Allison Shapira Podcast

November 12, 2020

Find Your Voice Ep. 109 – Find your voice – Allison Shapira did but in an unusual way! We are often too afraid of what the future holds when what we thought we wanted doesn’t happen, right? The disappointment and the inability to pick ourselves up and find another passion that might fulfill us in…

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Inspiring Podcasts

Runa Magnus

October 29, 2020

Divisive Black and White Thinking RÚNA MAGNÚSDÓTTIR, (Runa Magnus) created the antidote for divisive and black and white thinking in the #NoMoreBoxes Movement.  We all unconsciously box people, creating automatic perceptions and resulting conflict. Find out how a change in a little four-letter word can change your world. She believes that life doesn’t exist in…

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Tony Markey

September 10, 2020

The Grand Leap Ep. 100 – Tony Markey is one person that fully understands the advantages and disadvantages of taking the grand leap! He has taken many of them throughout his adult life and has never had second thoughts about it. Imagine applying for a science graduate job as an 18-year-old who just completed high…

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Motivational Podcast

Christine Markey

August 20, 2020

Singing on The Waters Have you ever wondered what life on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship was like? Christine Markey was an entertainer on that ship, singing on the waters, and recalls some fascinating stories about life on the ship. Truly, you won’t want to miss this one! Top Takeaways: • What people wore…

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Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Victoria Woods

August 13, 2020

Want to Be a Millionaire? Victoria Woods Ep. 94 – From her Financial Diva podcast to her book, “It’s All About the Money, Honey” to her successful investment business, ChappelWood to her “how to’s” on her website, she’s a dynamo you won’t want to miss! The Financial Diva, Victoria Woods is the founder, CEO, and…

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Jean Chatzky Portrait

Jean Chatzky

August 13, 2020

Teaching Women How to Manage Their Money Jean Chatzky Ep. 85 – Are you one of the many Jean Chatzky fans as she is teaching women how to manage their money on multiple media sites? Would you like to hear about her growing-up years? Jean Chatzky shares not only her career journey but also her…

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