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Anita Harden

September 17, 2020

Mentors Made the Difference Ep. 32 – Anita Harden was the low self-confidence girl who fought off self-doubt all the time to become what she could have never imagined herself becoming, a hospital president. Anita talks about her personal battles to overcome recurring attacks of self-doubt fighting back the absence of self confidence born of…

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Emily Josenhans

June 19, 2020

Sweet and Healthy Ep. 81 – Meet Emily Josenhans, the founder of Domaine Santé, a local company that makes the first sugar alternative from sustainably sourced California wine grapes. Emily Josenhans wants to help people ditch the artificial sweeteners. Grape nectar not only tastes incredible, but it is good for you and the environment. She…

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Laura Piening

June 11, 2020

Finding Clarity Now Ep. 74 – In this episode of Trailblazers Impact Podcast, Nan McKay speaks with Laura Piening about her passion for building teams and helping individuals reach their maximum potential by finding clarity. She shares how she honed this passion over the years working in the organizational development business and the nonprofit world.…

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Cara Gillette Portrait

Cara Gillette

June 8, 2020

Community and the Joy of Bringing New Life in this World Ep. 34 – Cara Gillette tells her story from midwife to suddenly divorced mother of 4 to master’s degree and a professional trainer and consultant. She shares her joy of bringing new life in this world and tells why she is an advocate for…

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Eileen Lenson

May 22, 2020

How to Move Through Adversity Ep. 84 – In this episode, Nan McKay is pleased to introduce you to Eileen Lenson, a social worker who has spent her entire professional career helping people develop coping skills for times fraught with adversity. Eileen spent 20 years of her career practicing in medical and psychiatric hospitals. She…

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Andrea Campbell Portrait

Andrea D. Campbell

May 22, 2020

From Cancer to a Beautiful Journey Ep. 83 – In this episode of the Trailblazers Impact, Nan McKay speaks with Andrea Campbell as she shares her cancer to a beautiful journey that turned from a tragedy to a blessing when she discovered living with intention. The sharing of her story underscores her personal mission to…

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