Meet the Men and Women Who Have Shaped Housing and Communities in the United States                    Season 2

Richard C. Gentry

Rick Gentry

Ep. 21:  One Size Doesn't Fit All

Larry Pearl

Larry Pearl

Ep. 22: : The Real History of Fair Housing

Sharon Wilson Geno

Sharon Wilson Geno

Ep. 23: Neighborhoods Transformed

Harry Finger

Harry Finger

Ep. 24: The Rocket Man for Housing

Barry Zigas

Barry Zigas

Ep. 25: Building a Housing Landscape

Robert Elliott

Robert Elliott

Ep. 26-Race Relations is Our Biggest Problem

Barbara Adams (1)

Barbara Adams

Ep. 27-Pennsylvania's Housing Champion

Michael Bodaken

Michael Bodaken

Ep. 28-Going Green for Smarter Housing


Copy of Marion McFadden

Marion McFadden

Ep. 29-Why We Need Political Will


John Weicher (1)

John Weicher

Ep. 30-A Scholar's Take on Housing


_John A. Koskinen

John Koskinen

Ep. 31 - Rescuing Freddie Mac


Jane Katz (1)

Jane Katz

Ep. 32 - Taking a Global View


Arthur Hessel

Arthur Hessel

Ep. 33-Changing Times in Housing Development


Jim Hindman (1)

James Hindman

Ep. 34-Building Business Around Helping Others


Rod Solomon

Rod Solomon

Ep. 35-Creating Laws for Affordable Housing


Helen Dunlap

Helen Dunlap

Ep. 36 - Creator of Mark-to-Market and REAC at HUD



Stanley Newman (2)

Stanley Newman

Ep. 37 - Federal History of Segregation, Redlinging and Civil Rights


Lyn Burton (1)

Lyn Burton

Ep. 38 - Facilitating Leadership for the Affordable Housing Industry


Best Podcasts for Women

James W Loewen

Ep. 39 - Racial History and Sundown Towns



Inspiring Podcasts

Dwight Ink

Ep. 40 - A 97-Year Old Activist with a Fascinating Life