Coping in Crisis


The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

It's all about positivity and practicality while on lockdown. From mental health to dealing with kids while working remotely to starting your new business, it's all here on Coping In Crisis.

In this new pandemic world we live in, we all need affirming support and hope, so we decided to turn to some of our most impactful guests from our collective podcasts to ask them how they are coping currently, and what they are doing to stay healthy, emotionally, mentally and physically. Join us for loads of ideas and tips!

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Christine Crandell

Christine Crandell

Ep. 32 - Coronavirus Future Trends: What's Next?

What's tomorrow hold for us? Christine Crandell is a well-known international business consultant in customer retention, transformation and strategy. She has written a fascinating paper on post-coronavirus which can be accessed on this website under Blogs called 6 Megatrends of the New Normal. She explains each one - and helps portend the future!

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