From Once Crisis to Another

It seems like we are jumping from one crisis to another, while not really leaving or closing the first one.

With COVID, we didn't know what to expect.  From mental health to dealing with kids while working remotely to starting your new business, we started to learn about our new world.

But other crises are looming such as housing affordability, housing insecurity and homelessness.  What is needed is more information about solutions-especially solutions that can be implemented by local communities, regions and states.

We explore these issues and more on Coping in Crisis!

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Richard Rothstein

Yes, this is the famous Richard Rothstein, author of the book, The Color of Law! Find out how the Federal government engineered segregation in housing which largely determined the outcome of African American families in the United States! Watch and listen to the entire Housing Crisis Summit series on Season 3 of the Coping In Crisis Podcast and You Tube Channel.

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