Coping in Crisis
Season 3


Population Health Learning Collaborative's mission is to accelerate community teamwork to improve population health.

It includes a network of consultants, associations, academics, technology vendors, non-profits, public health professionals, healthcare providers and related organizations working together to improve the health of our communities.

One of their endeavors is the Solutions Summit for the Housing Crisis. Their speakers provide innovative solutions to the crisis.

Nan McKay

Housing Crisis Summit Introduction

Ep. 38 - Nan McKay, in conjunction with Bill Barberg, founder and creator of the Solution Summit for the Housing Crisis introduces this series.

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Housing Crisis Summit Organizer

Ep. 39 - Bill Barberg, realizing that we are approaching a housing crisis, brings together people with innovative solutions to share.

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The Color of Law

Ep. 40 - Author Richard Rothstein tells us about how the federal government engineered housing segregation.


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Getting Out While Getting Ahead

Ep. 41 - Author Phil DeVol focuses on engaging people in poverty  in building communities and another on prison re-entry models.

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A Guidebook for Finding Housemates

Ep. 42 - Annamarie Pluhar is a passionate advocate of shared housing. Her book is available on our website SHOP page!

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Small Co-op Benefits

Ep. 43 - Craig Saddlemire is passionate about co-op living as co-founder and long-time resident of Raise-Op Housing Cooperative.


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Banking to ADUs

Ep. 44 - Nichol Beckstrand is a lifelong banker she understands the challenges in financing affordable housing. Now she has a new passion!


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Healthcare Software

Ep. 45 - Richard Taylor is the Vice President of eTransX, a national software company focused on the creation of innovative solutions for value based healthcare and community well-being transformation.

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ROC Rocks

Ep. 46 - Paul Bradley is the founding president of ROC USA, LLC, a nonprofit social venture that makes resident ownership of manufactured home communities viable and successful nationwide.

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Equitable World

Ep. 47 - Victoria Clark is a passionate advocate for the cooperative business model and sees cooperative development as the bedrock of a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

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HOPE for Everyone

Ep. 48 - Mike Damas's life is about helping people out of poverty. And he has some great tools he uses to create success in North Carolina!


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Build in Your Back Yard

Ep. 49 - Christopher Lee is passionate about identifying nonsubsidized solutions like ADU to bring down the cost of housing.

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Exchange Room with Household Help

Ep. 50 - Amy Appleton creates housing by utilizing empty bedrooms available through home sharing in exchange for household help.

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Redress Racial Segregation Movement

Ep. 51 - Hear about the nationwide movement launching to fix the structures, policies and systems described in "The Color of Law."

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ShelterForce - Complementary Resources

Ep. 52 - Hear Miriam of ShelterForce discuss land banks and community land trusts - more housing resources.

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