Coping in Crisis
Season 2


Stanley Newman

Ep. 21-Your Stocks Won't Get You a Quart of Milk

Stanley Newman and his wife are retired and confined. Working on the economy for most of his life, he discusses the effects on the economy and the lifting of restrictions. Stanley talks about why low income people are the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to his full story on Community TrailBlazers.




Lyn Burton

Ep. 22-Managing Staff Anxiety

Since property management is an essential service, Lyn Burton gives advice on coping with stress, redesigning protocols and processes, and communicating with partners. Technology is playing a part in success with the ability for remote access to files, but primarily it is how you are reorganizing your work such as tasks to let go and redesigning protocols and processes. LISTEN to her full story on Community TrailBlazers.


Jamie Wheeler

Ep. 23-A Modern Day Hero Sonographer

Jamie Wheeler has been selected by as a Modern Day Hero. She is the only fetal echocardiographer in her clinic and provides absolutely essential sonograms for babies in utero. She logs in long days in tight quarters during COVID-19, risking her own health while providing care for women and their vulnerable unborn babies. Thank you, Jamie!




Tyra Jarvis

Ep. 24-Running Toward the Finish Line

Tyra Jarvis gives us tips on how to gain control of fear and anxiety around uncertainty. Download a free book on her site: Living Your Extraordinary Life. She discusses goals, mindset and self-care, solutions, and daily routines. Be selective about truth-leaders. Strategize about the come-back. Stay solution-focused and aligned with what you can control. LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact, Season 4.


Lynn Heubach

Ep. 25: Travel on Hold

Should we buy a cheap airline ticket for future travel? About 50% of her client are. She gives her advice on cruise ships and hotels. She works for a travel membership organization - what is that and how do they get cheaper fares? And, best of all, she has found a different way to inspire travelers who can't travel . . . yet.  Learn how to create a travel dream vision board on her webinar.




Janise Graham

Ep. 26: Coronovirus Environment Today Defines the Next Normal

Janise Graham demonstrates how she is shifting her business to the current climate. Through her consulting business, she is helping other businesses open their minds to how they can make money during coronavirus. She is conducting a webinar on employing innovation to design a current business strategy on How to Modify Your Flight Plan. Read More to register.


Milagros Zisa

Ep. 27: NJ ER Nurse First-Hand Account of Coronavirus

Listen to this! This brave woman was selected by Hermosa as a Modern-Day Hero during conoravirus and is she ever! She is a front-line emergency room registered nurse at a community hospital in New Jersey. Their hospital has been inundated with possible covid-19 cases, and she has personally handled countless patients that have tested positive. 



Kent Watkins

Ep. 28-Part 1: Pandemic Historical Similarities

Kent Watkins, Founder and Chair of the Academy of Housing and Communities, looks at the coronavirus strategic issues from the historical perspective and futurist implications. He has worked with Chinese staff involved in mitigating disasters and talks about their discussions from December to March. He discusses the early environment of the coronovirus.



Kent Watkins

Ep. 29-Part 2: Global and US Implications

In Part 2, Kent continues the discussion but goes on to discuss the impact of the coronavirus in the United States and other nations, especially as they relate to each other. The point may be we can plan extensively and then something else comes that we aren't prepared for - called the Black Swan. LISTEN to his full story on Community TrailBlazers podcast.




Laura Yamanaka

Ep. 30: It's Survival for Businesses Today!

An advisor to businesses and national leader of women's groups and foundations, Laura Yamanaka discusses how businesses are trying to survive through a pandemic which no one was prepared for. Businesses are concerned about health for their business, their families, and their employees. LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact podcast in July 2020.



Victoria Woods

Ep. 31: It's All About the Money, Honey

Victoria Woods has an iHeart radio show, the Financial Diva, has written a book, "It's All About the Money, Honey" and is CEO of ChappelWood Financial Services, a wealth management investment firm. She gives investment thoughts during coronavirus and what happens when you panic and go to cash with an emotional decision. She has a youtube channel with 146 videos to educate yourself! LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact podcast coming out in September.


Christine Crandell

Ep. 32: Coronavirus Future Trends

What's tomorrow hold for us? Christine Crandell is a well-known international business consultant in customer retention, transformation and strategy. She has written a fascinating paper on post-coronavirus which can be accessed on the website under Blogs called 6 Megatrends of the New Normal. She explains each one - and helps portend the future! LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact podcast coming in September.


Stockton Williams

Ep. 33: Housing Purchase and Rental Financing within Coronavirus Environment

As Executive Director of the National Council of State Housing Agencies, Stockton Williams is deeply immersed in the financing and development of affordable housing. State Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) are state-chartered authorities established to help meet the affordable housing needs of the residents of their states. LISTEN to his full story on Community TrailBlazers podcast.


Rachel Piltch-Loeb

Ep. 34: The REAL News! COVID-19 Expert Scientist Rachel Piltch-Loeb

Listen to this to get truthful facts! Dr. Piltch-Loeb has both a master's degree and Doctorate degree in public health and has concentrated her work on public health emergencies and communication. She has been cited as an expert on COVID-19 in The Atlantic and other international publications. She gives a factual explanation of the coronavirus and an idea of what to expect. Really good and very helpful!


Ruth White

Ep. 35: Child Welfare and Homelessness in Coronavirus Pandemic

What's happening to children reaching an age to leave a foster home? What's happening with spousal and child abuse during the pandemic? Ruth White is the Executive Director of the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare. They are fielding many direct service crisis calls during the coronavirus pandemic. Listen to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact Podcast coming in September.


Marcia Blum

Ep. 36 and 37: Two Helpful Interviews

In part 1, Marcia gives 4 reflections for people at the end-of-life from her hospice work and in part 2, she talks about her COVID-positive pastor became a role model, what to do in an abusive situation, and how to cope at home. Good advice in several situations!

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