Coping in Crisis (2)


Nan McKay

Nan McKay

Ep. 1-Is Coronavirus the New Way of Life?

We’ve all been a situation where we felt totally out of control and the only solution was to wait and see what happens.  Nan McKay believes that quarantine is much harder for families when parents are faced with so many distractions working from home while wanting the best for their kids. We are lucky that we still feel a connection to people through communication modes.


Jennifer L.W. Fink

Ep. 2-Avoiding a Mental Breakdown at Home

Isolation for Jennifer is a natural habitat. With a special skillset to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as someone who is used to working remotely, she is still finding it difficult and provides some tips to adapting time management in the home environment. Coping with the crisis is not easy. She shares some tips on handling kids including teenagers in these uncertain times. LISTEN to her story on TrailBlazersImpact.


_John A. Koskinen

Josh Koskinen

Ep. 3-Crisis Lessons from Y2K to Pandemic

With experience in dealing with a crisis, John Koskinen talks about the measures he took in dealing with the challenges of the 2000 economic crisis. His role in the government at that time was to coordinate people working on the crisis from all over the world which ultimately worked well. LISTEN to his story on Community TrailBlazers.




Case Lane

Ep. 4-Recast Yourself in a Crisis

This time could be an opportunity to start projects or businesses that you’ve always wanted to start. Learn  how to manage all the extra time in the new routine the Covid-19 crisis is creating. Case Lane  shares 10 tips from her new book- Recast yourself- to both professionals and those planning to start a business. LISTEN to her story on TrailBlazers Impact.



Eileen Lenson

Eileen Lenson

Ep. 5-Physical Distancing Not Social Distancing.

People are wired to like predictability, which is why we have both positive and negative reactions to situations. Rapid changes like the Covid-19 crisis bring out uncertainties that result in feeling helpless. Eileen Lenson shares how her family is coping with isolation and the importance of a lockdown in California. LISTEN to her story coming soon on TrailBlazers Impact podcast.

Vanessa Elle Wilde

Vanessa Elle Wilde

Ep. 6-Finding Opportunities in Crisis

We are being forced to slow down and reassess our lives- this is an opportunity to open up a completely different world.  Vanessa Elle Wilde is doing well coping with isolation by reevaluating what is important and benefitting to her, her family, and her clients.  In her 14 days of isolation, she started her very first virtual improv class and a YouTube channel. LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact podcast.

Karel Ford (1)

Karel Ford

Ep. 7-Preparing for A Virtual Conference

The Covid-19 crisis is being felt by the Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women as they are having a hard time figuring out if a women empowerment conference will happen. Karel Ford explains how prepared they are to hold a virtual conference with their women students from Rwanda, Afghanistan, and across the USA if things don’t change for the better in the coming weeks. LISTEN to her full story on Peace Through Business podcast.

Barbara Daniel (1)

Barbara Daniel

Ep. 8-Shifting to A Digital Magazine at A Cost

Magazine publishers like Barbara Daniel have resulted in publishing digital issues and putting the print versions on hold indefinitely. They are also focusing their content around mental and physical wellness during the pandemic to suit their clients’ needs. They have decided not to charge their print subscribers – at least for now – to bring them the magazine in times of crisis. LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact podcast.

David Smith

David Smith

Ep. 9-Ideas that Redefine Crisis

We need to redefine the use of the word crisis from a mere inconvenience to serious situations like the COVID-19. David shares how housing, financial, and government policy are major aspects that affect health care. He describes how he adopted the hierarchy of needs concept into workable ideas in times of crisis. LISTEN to his full story on Community TrailBlazers podcast.



Betsy Muller

Betsy Muller

Ep. 10-Adapting to Unfamiliar Feelings

Now is the perfect time to be a witness to your own process by accepting your feelings. Betsy explains why we have to accept the reality of the COVID-19 crisis to best cope with its outcome. She is leading a free daily group intervention to help people overcome the overwhelming responsibilities that come with working from home. LISTEN to her full story on TrailBlazers Impact podcast.