TrailBlazers Podcast Season 5

Emily Josenhans (1)

Emily Josenhans

Ep. 81-Sweet and Healthy

Emily Josenhans wants to help people ditch the artificial sweeteners. She started Domaine Santa Grape Nectar to give a healthier and more holistic alternative that adds a natural sweetener to food and beverages.

Building a healthy product is informed by her work as a nutritionist, where she helped clients make healthier diet choices prior to launching her business. Hear Josenhans describe the entrepreneurship journey, partnering with her sommelier husband in sustainably sourcing California grapes and trying to find balance along the way.

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Virginia Harris

Virginia Harris

Ep 82-President of National Coalition of 100 Black Women

In this interview, Virginia W. Harris, National President, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., with 60 chapters and thousands of members nationwide, shares reflections of her start as a servant-leader that, more likely than not, was planted as a seed when she found herself as one of only three Black girls integrating an otherwise all White high school in south Georgia during the early 1960s. Her high school years were followed by college years and then the early career-making years where she continually found the need to defend both her gender and her race.

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Andrea Campbell

Andrea Campbell

Ep. 83-From Cancer to a ‘Beautiful Journey’

Andrea Campbell survived cancer not once, but twice. While such an experience could drive many to despair by fighting through the ordeal twice, she ultimately came to a place of catharsis, healing, and purpose. The ordeal presented Campbell with stark choices about what to do. She felt she had been playing things too small, so it was time to ditch the corporate job and embark on a journey to her true passion as a professional speaker and transformational coach. SHOP for her books, The Beautiful Journey: Finding Purpose Through Cancer and God Never Wastes a Hurt: 3 Steps to Move from Pain to Purpose..

Eileen Lenson

Eileen Lenson

Ep. 84-How to Move Through Adversity

Coping well with adversity is a learned skill.  People need to not let emotions get carried away and gives several examples of people with adversities and how they have moved through it. Grieving is a lifetime event but Eileen Lenson helps people find a way to not let it destroy them and find purpose in the loss they had. She discusses the signs of teen suicide. She says, "Kindness begets kindness." Her website is

SHOP on our site for her book, Overcoming Adversity: Conquering Life's Challenges. LISTEN to her on the Coping in Crisis podcast.


Jean Chatzky

Jean Chatzky

Ep.85: Teaching Women about Money

Renowned for her financial advice to women, Jean Chatzky has spent most of her career writing for financial magazines and offering her business knowledge in the media. She has authored 11 books, produces podcasts and is a motivational speaker. Hear about her journey from the Midwest to her successful life on the east coast. Learn about Jean’s initiative, Work and Save, which is a more effective and lesser expensive version of 401 (k)s that helps both the employer and employee. She includes her five-step "how to" for a financially successful life. Website: and SHOP for her books here.


Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire

Betsy Berkhemer/Credaire

Ep. 86-Winning the 'Board' Game

Adding women to companies’ boards of directors can dramatically improve how they operate. As the CEO of 2020 Women on Boards, Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire is laser focused on growing that number, with an aim of 20 percent of corporate boards being composed of females by 2020. The good news is the organization already surpassed that goal in 2019, so it’s on to bigger and better. With many European nations striving for 30 or even 40 percent, Berkhemer-Credaire says it’s time for the U.S. to catch up. SHOP for The Board Game on our site.

Thresette Briggs (1)

Thresette Briggs

Ep. 87-Emptying out the ‘Head Trash’

Thresette Briggs saw the joy and unintended consequences of entrepreneurship while growing up. Her father was a source of inspiration given his business leadership and determination to succeed. But that often took him away from the family, and his young death at 56 weighed on her ambitions. Entrepreneurship was the dream, but she describes “head trash” needing to be emptied out for the journey ahead. So after enough time in the corporate world, Briggs knew with the right balance she could build up her career as a successful entrepreneur and mentor.

Carolyn Sue Williams

Carolyn Sue Williams

Ep.88-Demonstrating Leadership Can Open Doors I Didn't Even Know Were Closed

Dr. Carolyn Sue Williams_Podcast Description: Dr. Carolyn Sue Williams shares part of her journey from a childhood with 11 other siblings in the Baton Rouge of the 1950s as an totally un-inspired high school student with only the prospect of "working in a white woman's kitchen" after graduation, to becoming one of the first handful of Black women in America to be awarded a PhD in political science in the early 1970s; an accomplishment even she never saw coming.

Linda Gorin

Linda Gorin

Ep.89-Sending Joy One Basket at a Time

Like many successful businesses owners, Linda Gorin got started at her kitchen table. Creating fun and memorable gift baskets began as a hobby, filling a few orders at a time. But customers loved the creative baskets that would make a friend’s day or bring joy to a significant other. One year later she and her husband launched their first standalone store in San Diego, which has expanded six times. Gorin says there have been so many good stories and memories over the years she plans to write a book. SHOP for her baskets on

Hilary Lentini

Hilary Lentini

Ep. 90-Nurture Your Networks

Hilary Lentini runs an in-demand marketing firm in Los Angeles. Her team is known for really listening to their clients and building long-term relationships that support their brands. Lentini shares how taking a leap of faith by coming west, initially to support her husband’s career, turned out to be the springboard for future success. Los Angeles is a city that’s welcoming and with opportunity but it must be earned, she says.

Sheila Jones

Ep.91-Fighting for Environmental Justice

Sheila Jones thought she wanted to be a scientist while growing up. Living in segregated Washington, DC, she was inspired by her parents’ insistence on education as an avenue of achievement for African-Americans in a society that didn’t offer equal opportunity. Yet as she came of age in the 1960s, the Civil Rights movement inspired her to instead pursue law, leading her to Harvard and a desire to push for change. Hear about her legal career in fighting for racial and environmental justice and the advice she offers those who want to make a difference in their nation.


Sarahi Rodriguez Amador

Sarah Rodriguez Amador

Ep. 92-



Samantha Urban

Ep.94-Breaking Language Barriers with Smart Software


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