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Frances Johnson Portrait

Frances Johnson Podcast

Against the Odds: Business, Divorce, and Death Frances Johnson Ep. 19 - Frances Johnson has been kicked down and arisen back like a Phoenix through the ashes. Against the odds, she has survived business, divorce and death challenges. Do a lot of research to collect all the needed information and ...
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Emily Loya Portrait

Emily Loya Podcast

Lost My Dad to the Bermuda Triangle Emily Loya Ep. 28 - The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. ...
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Entrepreneur Podcasts

Why Black Lives Matter Too: DeLois Strum Podcast

Racial and Gender Equality DeLois "Dee Dee" Strum Ep. 115 -  Listen to learn WHY Black lives matter! It is important to believe that change will happen if we continue advocating for it as leaders. The American society needs economic, social, and policy changes in order to give everyone regardless ...
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Kristin Keen Portrait

Kristin Keen Podcast

Trafficked Women Survival Assistance Kristin Keen Ep. 114 - Kristin Keen returned from India to find that human trafficking was flourishing in her own city of Jacksonville. She employed the women. From the streets of India to the streets of Jacksonville, Kristin Keen decided to provide a trafficked women survival ...
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Karen Jenkins Portrait

Karen Jenkins Podcast

Empower Through Synergy Leadership Karen Jenkins Ep. 113 - Karen Jenkins is a Black female entrepreneur with snergy leadership! Did you know that the energy you bring into a room is the energy you receive? It is therefore important to build positive energy for you and your team members to ...
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Fay Williams Portrait

Fay Williams Civil Rights Activist Podcast

Civil Rights Activist at 87 Fay Williams Civil Rights Activist, Best Black Female Podcast Ep. 9 - Her interviewer, DeeDee Strum says, "We All Stand on the Shoulders of Fay H. Williams." She is a Family Law Attorney, a Civil Rights Activist, and a Feminist! At age 87 she is ...
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Beverly Kuykendall Portrait

Beverly Kuykendall Podcast

Facing Your Fears Beverly Kuykendall Ep. 10 - Are you courageously facing your fears to achieve your goals? You have to be willing to not only make long-term commitments but also contribute to making a difference.  Beverly is currently leading an incredible team of government experts at AMD as the ...
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Teresa Harris Portrait

Teresa Harris Podcast

What?! Women Can Do That? Teresa Harris Ep. 15 - "What?! Women Can Do That?" was some of her awakening. What does it take to turn your life around from mistakes and adversities to immense success? From a childhood of segregation, low-expectations of girls and women and the battle to ...
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Sherese Brewington Carr Portrait

Sherese Brewington Carr Social Justice Podcast

Racial Social and Criminal Justice Ep. 60 - Sherese Brewington Carr provides a rapid-fire delivery of her professional insights into the world of migrant farm work, the criminal justice system and what it takes to help both veterans and ex-offenders to successfully transition into the contemporary workplace.  She shares her foundational ...
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Denise Muha Leadership Podcast

Affordable Housing Leadership Ep. 12 - Denise Muha, the executive director for the National Leased Housing Association, discusses her personal growth to becoming one of the early women in a leadership position with influence on HUD and Congress because of her representation and knowledge of the affordable housing industry. She ...
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Jennifer Brown Portrait

Jennifer Brown Podcast

How to Create a DEI Workplace Ep. 112 - What is a DEI workplace and can you create a DEI workplace? DEI stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. Jennifer Brown leads companies through consulting, online training, and her books to become that place everyone wants to work! What are you ...
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Beth Cole Portrait

Beth Cole Podcast

"Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!?" Hell, No! Beth Cole Ep. 6 - Beth Cole is a fireball . . . always has been, always will be. As she says in her podcast, "Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!  Hell, No!" Beth Cole's history of activism and social change dates ...
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