Ordinary Women . . . Extraordinary Achievements

TrailBlazers Impact Podcast promotes stories of under-recognized women, overcoming odds to make a difference in the lives of others.

TBI guests talk about how they arrived at where they are today - including all the side-steps they took along the way.

Celebrate women's accomplishments to make the world a better place by inspiring others to bridge from their dreams to action! Let's make a better future.

Women in Tech Leadership | Purse Power

Let's Share the Journey Three dynamic female technologists, Katy Battiest, Ashley Coffey and Brandy Semore share their insights on technology trends, business opportunities being brought on by technological advances, their "go-to" technology tool recommendations. and the history and future of women in technology. They talk about their career journeys in ...
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How to Discover Who You’re Meant to Be: Susan Fielder

For the Love of Art Ep. 21 and 21 Bonus: Susan Fielder - Who are you meant to be? What do you want to be when you grow up? Can you change your mind? Are you able to ask that question forever and get a different answer? Growing up as ...
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How to Choose A Career You’re Passionate About: Adonica Randall

Fired Up About STEM Are you think about changing your job and your life? Do you want to choose a career you're passionate about? To get into a job you are more passionate about, no matter how hard it is? For Adonica, success is knowing what you want to do, ...
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How to Empower Women Globally: Andrea Stevenson-Conner

The Gender Multiplier Effect Ep. 130 - Andrea Stevenson Conner - What if your spouse asked you to move to Asia? Would you do it? What would you do while you were there - after you've done all the tourist stuff? Do you think women in China are empowered? Andrea ...
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How to Overcome Challenges to Make a Difference: David Northern

You Can Do It! Ep. 25 Bonus - David Northern - How do you pull yourself from a rough childhood in public housing to an executive who works to help families better themselves and break the cycle to make a difference? David's biological father was a gangster; he was in ...
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How to Support Learners with Special Needs: Linda Vines Bright

Every Child Is a Magnificent Individual Ep. 66 - Linda Vines Bright  is passionate about supporting learners with special needs, using her methods to address and support many different learning styles. Linda Bright shares her childhood start and lifelong commitment to advancing her brand of global activism in order to ...
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How to Get Funding for Your Cause: Patzetta Trice

Gender Equity for Women and Girls Ep. 40 - Patzetta Trice gives important advice to organizations who are looking for donors. She advises us to move from focusing on funding to focusing on outcomes - what's most important to the donors? Patzetta Trice has been breaking glass ceilings and showing ...
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How to Become a Meteorologist: Carmella Davis Watkins

Research, Publish and Present! Ep. 24 - Carmella Davis Watkins - If you are interested in a STEM career, this episode is for you! Listen to her journey through integrating two schools to becoming a meterologist.  Carmella Davis Watkins has dedicated her 35-year career to researching the science behind climate ...
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How to Start a Niche Business without Fear: Rosemarie Harris

Start with Something You're Good At that People Need Ep. 63 - Rosemarie Harris - Have you ever thought about leaving a big corporation and starting your own niche business, striking out on your own - without fear? Rosemarie Harris did just that! She has a powerful business in a ...
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How to Create Positive Culture Through Improvisation: Vanessa Elle Wilde

Embrace Play to Relieve Stress Ep. 64 - Vanessa Elle Wilde helps entrepreneurs with self-confidence, creativity, collaboration, and self-expression through Improvisation. Listen to her new podcast show, Blooped. Blooped is a podcast interview series about people who have broken the chains of tyranny - from oppressive regimes, religious cults, abuse, ...
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How to Protect Your Kids: Lisa Preston

Discrimination Against Women in the Police Force Ep. 35 - Lisa Preston - Learn how to protect your kids! Lisa Preston worked in the police department in Alaska, specializing in felony crimes against children and as a hostage negotiator. She talks about her biggest challenges and cases in vice, drugs ...
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Empowering Entrepreneurs Worldwide: Lisa Kleissner

How to Embrace the Universe and Your Gift Lisa Kleissner has experienced domestic violence and grief and had to learn to recollect herself to move on. Learn how to embrace the universe and your gift. Listen to how she worked through the challenges to become the co-founder and president of ...
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