Trailblazers Impact InterviewsIn TrailBlazers Impact Interviews, women and men share their secrets to success - and their heartaches -  in extraordinary stories. And some had very rough beginnings - but made it anyway. These stories touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination and to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. If they can do it, so can you . . . by following their light . . . and then creating light for the person behind you.

How to Use Adversity as Energy | Shannon Martin

    Just Be Dope - The Movement Ep. 167 - Shannon Martin, a young entrepreneur in her mid-30's, knows what it means to experience adversity and have to dream for better days. She has achieved so much success at a young age to have what she never had and ...
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How to Change Your Mindset for Impactful Leadership | Claudia San Pedro | Purse Power

    Purse Power Ep. 166 - Claudia San Pedro - Are you creating an inclusive culture where people feel they not only belong but have a career with you? One of the very interesting topics Claudia San Pedro talks about is the four pillars of diversity equity and inclusion. ...
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How to Overcome Gendered Ageism | Bonnie Marcus

Not Done Yet! Ep. 165 - Bonnie Marcus - Do you hold some age beliefs about yourself as a woman, especially in the workplace? Gendered ageism is real, and Bonnie Marcus, helps women overcome these beliefs and become more empowered in their careers.  Bonnie Marcus is an executive coach, author, ...
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How to Reach Your Full Potential as a Leader | Phyllis Newhouse | Purse Power

    Purse Power Ep. 164 - Phyllis Newhouse - Are you using your full life potential to make the greatest impact in the world? Are you supporting other women around you to be even better at what they do? Phyllis Newhouse has discovered the two and merged them to continue ...
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How to Build Meaningful Connections | Susan McPherson

The Lost Art of Connecting Ep. 163 - Susan McPherson is a serial connector, seasoned communicator, and author of The Lost Art of Connecting. She's also the founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, a communications consultancy focused on the intersection of brands and social impact. Susan shifted from the corporate world ...
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How to Be a Global Diversity and Inclusion Thought Leader | May Snowden | Purse Power

    Purse Power Ep. 162 - May Snowden is on the cutting edge of addressing diversity and inclusion. She is an independent diversity and inclusion strategist, consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach. She has more than 20 years of experience and insightfully creates and leads initiatives that strengthen corporate ...
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How to Excel at Digital Marketing | Dorothy Vernon Brown

A Guru in Digital Marketing Ep. 161 - Have you struggled with marketing in the online arena? Dorothy Vernon-Brown is a small business marketing strategist & coach on a mission to help local small business owners. Dorothy is the founder of AKB² Small Business Marketing and is the co-founder of ...
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How to Transform Your Organization | Monika Moss Gransberry

MKM Management Consulting Ep. 159 - Are you taking the action to live the life you want to live? To balance your life and work whether you work from home or from the office? Our guest today coaches women to focus on what they want to do as they grow their ...
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Automation is the Future of Technology | Deepa Sarojammal | Purse Power

    Purse Power . Ep.160 - Deepa Sarojammal is the CEO of Reflections, an organization established in 1999. She has 23 years of experience working in Fortune 500 organizations improving their IT services. In her last position, she grew business units by more than 500% over five years, helping ...
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Don’t Listen to the Negative Voice in Your Head | Jocelyn Bronson

Finding Yourself in Retirement Ep. 27 - Jocelyn Bronson - Serving as Town Clerk for Marana for twenty-two years, Jocelyn is discovering the enjoyment of retirement. She started her career as an executive assistant to the town manager. She has served as Captain for the annual Tucson Festival of Books. In ...
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How to Empower Women Through Books | Marlene Wagman-Geller

Stories about Empowered Women Throughout the Ages Ep. 157 - Marlene Wagman-Geller - Do you want to read some fabulous books about women empowerment? She chronicles women in various phases of life, from a variety of times in history, and women behind successful men. Marlene Wagman-Geller is the author of ...
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Creating Her Legacy in Kawaii | JoAnn Yukimura

It's the Greatest Joy to See Things Work! Ep. 45 - JoAnn Yukimura has devoted much of her life to the mission of preserving Kauai. She has a law degree and has been Mayor of Kauai, as well as county councilperson. In this episode, JoAnn talks about her contributions to the ...
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