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Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Florence Champagne

Turning Heart Pain into Purpose Ep. 95 - Florence Champagne is Chairperson and CEO of the Open My Heart Foundation. Florence suffered a heart attack in 2012 and, as a result, she had emergency open heart surgery. Due to being uninsured at the time, she did not readily receive the ...
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Laura Yamanaka

A Champion in Leading Women Ep. 93 - Laura Yamanaka has an extensive history of leading and supporting women in business as the past president of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), President of the Los Angeles chapter, and Chair of the NAWBO Institute. She has been featured ...
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Best Podcasts for Women

Sarahi Rodriguez Amador

A Singer's Life in a Cruise Ship Band Ep. 92 - Sarahi Rodriguez Amador was born and raised in México and grew up between 2 worlds: Mexico the country of her mother with a strong sound of the fiesta and, Cuba the island of her father with a powerful rhythm. ...
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Sheila Jones

Fighting for Environmental Justice Ep. 91 - Meet Attorney Sheila Jones, a law professor at Georgetown Law School and a private practice attorney with a 40-year career spanning federal service, private practice, academia, and volunteer service with environmental preservation nonprofits. Sheila’s passion is fighting for environmental justice. She was born ...
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Hilary Lentini

Nurture Your Networks Ep. 90 - Meet Hilary Lentini, she runs an in-demand marketing firm in Los Angeles, Lentini Design and Marketing. She is also past president of National Association of Women Business Owners Los Angeles as well as past president of National Association of Women Business Owners California. Hilary ...
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Linda Gorin

Acknowledge Someone and Change Their Life Ep. 89 - Meet Linda Gorin, the president at The Best to You, corporate gift consultant, power of appreciation speaker, and master imagineer. She feels a gift basket is a special way to acknowledge someone and even change their life! She is a leader ...
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Carolyn Sue Williams

Demonstrating Leadership Can Open Doors I Didn't Even Know Were Closed Ep. 88 - Dr. Carolyn Sue Williams shares part of her journey from a childhood with 11 other siblings in the Baton Rouge of the 1950s with DeeDee Strum of TrailBlazers Impact Podcast. She describes herself  as an totally ...
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Emily Josenhans

Sweet and Healthy Ep. 81 - Meet Emily Josenhans, the founder of Domaine Santé, a local company that makes the first sugar alternative from sustainably sourced California wine grapes. Emily Josenhans wants to help people ditch the artificial sweeteners. Grape nectar not only tastes incredible, but it is good for ...
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Barbara Daniel

The Fight Isn't Over Yet Meet Barbara Daniel on TrailBlazers Impact Podcast, the publisher, and editor of the Cleveland Women’s Journal, a digital and print magazine ( The Cleveland Women’s Journal is informative, educational, and objective. Their mission is to empower women through knowledge. As Founder of the Cleveland Women's ...
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Thresette Briggs

Emptying Out the ‘Head Trash’ Ep. 87 - Meet Thresette Briggs, interviewed on TrailBlazersImpact Podcast, a designer of innovative, integrated performance solutions, who has been called a ‘voice’ for high-performance. Thresette Briggs saw the joy and unintended consequences of entrepreneurship while growing up. Her father was a source of inspiration ...
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Tara Peters

16 Year Old Teen Mom to PhD at 36 Ep. 26 - Meet Dr. Tara Peters, a trailblazing educator ( who went from being a 16-year old teen mom to PhD at 36 – a great achievement! In this TrailBlazers Impact interview, she describes the challenges and difficulties in being ...
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Laura Piening

Finding Clarity Now Ep. 74 - In this episode of Trailblazers Impact Podcast, Nan McKay speaks with Laura Piening about her passion for building teams and helping individuals reach their maximum potential by finding clarity. She shares how she honed this passion over the years working in the organizational development ...
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