Ordinary Women . . . Extraordinary Achievements

TrailBlazers Impact Podcast promotes stories of under-recognized women, overcoming odds to make a difference in the lives of others.

TBI guests talk about how they arrived at where they are today - including all the side-steps they took along the way.

Celebrate women's accomplishments to make the world a better place by inspiring others to bridge from their dreams to action! Let's make a better future.

Investing in Women: Silvia Mah

Wind Beneath Women's Wings Women are half the population and own 40% of the country's businesses but only 3% of business investment goes to women. Learn more about investing in women-owned businesses from the expert! Silvia Mah's passion for empowering investment in women-owned businesses spans accelerators, incubators, a venture group, ...
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Enterprising Women: Monica Smiley

Pivot Your Business to Continue Scaling During the Pandemic Monica Smiley is the editor and publisher of Enterprising Women magazine- a print and digital magazine that reaches more than a million readers in the United States and around the globe. In this episode, Monica shares her entrepreneurial journey of building ...
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How to Elevate Women-Owned Businesses: Mei Xu

Yes She May Ep. 127 - Entrepreneur Mei Xu is on a mission to elevate women-owned businesses through her website Yes She May. She offers the exceptional products from women-owned brands in fashion, beauty, wellness and home. Mei encourages women to take advantage of challenging times and turn them into ...
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How to Be a Successful Executive in a Large Company: Kitty Chaney-Reed

Kitty Chaney-Reed: A Powerful and Influential Woman Ep. 126 - Kitty Chaney-Reed is the recipient of the most powerful and influential woman award and the Woman of the Year award. Kitty gives us the blueprint for becoming a successful executive in a large company and maintaining that role to progress ...
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Overcoming Dyslexia to Become an IVF Nursing Specialist: Cath McBreen

What are the Pros and Cons of IVF Tips on the skills you can master to help deal with dyslexia Understanding common age of fertility for both women and men Emotional problems associated with IVF treatment failure and how they affect parties involved How the prevalence of sexual harassment in ...
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Single Parenting, Depression and Raising Boys: Jennifer Fink

And She Has Her Own Podcast! Why you should force yourself to seek help when you feel mentally unhealthy Understanding how our childhood dysfunctions affect our mental wellbeing as adults Understanding how different depression looks like on different people How the internet has led to increased anxiety and mental issues ...
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Global View on Racial and Gender Discrimination: Ellen Walsh

A Global View on Racial and Gender Discrimination Why it is going to be a difficult struggle for women to achieve equal rights in the Middle East The importance of influencing and empowering girls to get an education to reach their dreams and become important people in society The power ...
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Julia Toronczak Podcast

Beyond the Waves of Down Syndrome Julia Toronczak - Ep. 125 - Trailblazing is ageless. Meet Julia Toronczak, a young businesswoman who has a twin brother with Downs Syndrome. During her freshman year, she was appalled at how many students would ask her what Down syndrome was. It made her ...
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Shawn McClondon Podcast

Crossing the Racial Divide Ep. 124 - Meet Shawn McClondon, a guy who lives his passion to cross the racial divide. He is passionate about a better understanding and communication among races and ethnicities, providing a platform for black women entrepreneurs, and helping youth understand and live their own passions. ...
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Sumedha Kukreja and Jay Berger Podcast

Therapy on Demand Ep. 123 - What a perfect time for a site like this! Therapy on demand! Meet Sumedha Kukreja and Jay Berger, the founders of Virtual Kare. Sumedha and Jay discuss why they joined forces to improve chronic conditions through telehealth. Whether you suffer from Parkinson's, knee arthritis ...
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Tai Christensen Podcast

Close the Racial Gap in Homeownership Ep. 122 - Meet Tai Christensen. In 1936, Tai Christensen's great-grandmother, a housekeeper and widow in North Carolina with four sons, saved up $500 and bought a house at age 35. That decision, which changed the trajectory of her family's finances for generations to ...
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Valarie Austin Podcast

Military Service is In Her Blood Valarie Austin Ep. 70 - Military service of this West Point graduate is in her blood. Her great-grandparents were Bahamian immigrants with a legacy of military service. Valarie R. Austin is a 1987 graduate of "the Academy"; that is, the United States Military Academy ...
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