Ordinary Women . . . Extraordinary Achievements

TrailBlazers Impact Podcast promotes stories of under-recognized women, overcoming odds to make a difference in the lives of others.

TBI guests talk about how they arrived at where they are today — including all the side-steps they took along the way.

Celebrate women's accomplishments to make the world a better place by inspiring others to bridge from their dreams to action! Let's make a better future.

Beth Cole Portrait

Beth Cole Podcast

"Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!?" Hell, No! Beth Cole Ep. 6 - Beth Cole is a fireball . . . always has been, always will be. As she says in her podcast, "Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!  Hell, No!" Beth Cole's history of activism and social change dates ...
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Carolyn Hayden Portrait

Carolyn Hayden Podcast

Business with a Social Impact Carolyn Hayden Ep. 11 - Carolyn Hayden combined her business with a social impact to create an even larger change. How are you making a social impact through your business? Making business milestones is important and what many strive for, but it is also important ...
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Lyn Burton Portrait

Lyn Burton Podcast

Live with Integrity and Joy Lyn Burton Ep. 16 - Are you educating yourself to become a better citizen while helping others find their paths? Lyn Burton has spent most of her career life helping families in low and moderate incomes with their housing needs and is now helping others ...
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Ana Burmudez Portrait

Ana Burmudez Podcast

Like that Outfit? Just 'TAGit' Ana Burmudez Ep. 77 - Do you often find fashion inspiration on TV from your favorite shows but finding the items in real life becomes a chore? You should probably try TAGit! TAGit is a tech platform where TV, entertainment, retail, and commerce converge to ...
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Singleton McAllister Portrait

Singleton McAllister Podcast

Ensuring Diversity Through Law Singleton McAllister: Ep. 7 - There is a huge need for women to get involved in all aspects of civil society. This includes women of color to ensure diversities of genders and races where it matters most. As a child of the segregated south, and daughter ...
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Belinda Kendall Portrait

Belinda Kendall Podcast

A Media Star with Passion and Stamina Belinda Kendall Ep. 111 -  What are you passionate about? Are you willing to sacrifice and even be hurt while fulfilling your purpose? Do you have enough stamina to get knocked down but get up again? Be ready to use whatever platform you're ...
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Carnela Renee Hill Portrait

Carnela Renee Hill Podcast

Faith-Based Power of Walking Afraid Ep. 59 - Have you discovered the faith-based power of walking afraid? This is a how-to on moving past and finding the lesson. Have you learned how to live with a purpose? Sometimes life hands you pain and adversity and it's up to you to ...
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rocio cavazos portrait

Rocio Cavazos Podcast

Overcoming Gender Bias for a Cause Rocio Cavazos Ep. 55 - Can you overcome gender bias for a cause like investing in plant products? How is your business impacting the community, creating solutions for the greater good? There are many ways that your business can positively impact those around it ...
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Debbie Feinberg

Debbie Feinberg Podcast

Living Her Convictions and Beliefs Ep. 50 - Debbie Feinberg embodies living her convictions and beliefs! Some say leaders are born not made while others say, they are made not born. Well, in Debbie Feinberg's case, you can say it was both; she always carried an entrepreneurial spirit from a ...
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Antonio McGinnis Portrait

Antonio McGinnis Podcast

Life in the Bricks Antonio McGinnis Ep. 80 - Where you come from should not define who you become. From growing up in Public Housing to becoming an international basketball star, Tony McGinnis knows that when you are determined to be different, you will overcome. Antonio McGinnis was recently named ...
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Allison Shapira Portrait

Allison Shapira Podcast

Find Your Voice Ep. 109 - Find your voice - Allison Shapira did but in an unusual way! We are often too afraid of what the future holds when what we thought we wanted doesn't happen, right? The disappointment and the inability to pick ourselves up and find another passion ...
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Joins Urban League as VP

Leslie Andrews Podcast

Resilience and Courage Ep. 108 - Leslie Andrews learned resilience and courage in facing life's adversities, including being widowed at a young age, and in viewing the world. Exercising loyalty and community love comes easy for Leslie Andrews because it was instilled at an early age. Leslie Andrews is described ...
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