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Kara Mac

Kara Mac

Ep. 76-Dressing up shoes with 'candy'

Kara Mac grew tired of hauling around extra shoes. Like many working professionals, she would start her commute in one pair, change to another at work, and then swap shoes for an evening event.

For two years she sketched and prototyped dozens of shoe concepts. She landed on a design for boots with swappable heel covers that she terms “candy” accessories. After 25 years in the fashion world, she quit her full-time job once she found an industry insider who thought the idea could take off.

Kara Mac Shoes has grown to offer sandals and dress shoes, with “candy” options for them all. Mac also shares lots of advice for budding entrepreneurs who want to own their professional destiny.

Working with children and helping others is a dream, she says, and Stubblefield wants to see more people embrace the healing and clarity that therapy provides.