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Learn the real history of Juneteenth from Jatrice Martel Gaiter, Executive Vice President for External Affairs with Volunteers of America, Inc., the 4th largest developer/owner of affordable housing in America. YouTube: Juneteenth History

Listen to her own personal story on TrailBlazers Impact Podcast!


So many people are doing so much during this difficult time! I had to share some of these with you. They bring tears to my eyes.


Marisa de Lecce and Tiffany Rivers and their online swimsuit line, Hermoza, have many interesting articles on their Blog about Best Books to Read During Isolation. But what is their very best initiative is their "giving back" program which calls for nominations of Modern Day Heroes, people who go above and beyond during this pandemic. Their blog is called Icons Who Inspire Us.  People nominate their hero. www.thehermosa.com

Hear the stories of these heroes on our podcast, Coping In Crisis, and on our youtube.com Coping In Crisis channel. I will add to these, so watch this page for more.

Jamie Wheeler - A Modern Day Hero

This is Jamie Wheeler, a 32 year old health care worker.  She is working tirelessly....putting in overtime as well, to serve her clients who are high risk pregnant women. These mothers to be cannot be turned away as Jamie needs to use her sonography skills to monitor all kinds of issues to ensure healthy deliveries. She deals with long hours in tight quarters ( exam rooms are small) to scan and diagnose or monitor problems like diabetic mothers, growth monitoring, etc. She looks for problems with babies hearts, development and growth. She works with Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctors to ensure successful pregnancy outcomes. She cannot stay home. She must go to work, babies in utero cannot be put on hold. These little miracles must be cared for! Jamie we salute your work! Nominated by her mom.

Milagros Cueva

Milagros Cueva is an Emergency Room Registered Nurse in Bergen County NJ.  Bergen County has been inundated with possible covid-19 cases and she has personally handled countless patients that have tested positive.

She is wrapping up her fifth, 12-hour shift, in the last six days, today.  Each shift consists of constantly disinfecting herself, equipment, and work space.  Unfortunately, her hospital is very limited with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and has been taking donations from anyone willing to help.  For her in particular, she is a petite woman and struggles to find masks, gloves, goggles, and scrubs that properly fit her to provide their intended protection.

When she comes home at night, we spray her with Lysol, her clothes are taken immediately into the basement in a box, and she runs straight into the shower without touching a knob or surface.

This has become our new normal, and to say that she still wakes up every morning with the same passion and energy to save lives, is an understatement.  She has held the hand of a man that took his last breath, propped the head of a woman that was struggling to breathe, and treated the seemingly healthy young patient whose condition took a turn for the worse.

She is truly my hero! Nominated by her husband

Linda Gorin


The Gift Basket Association, which Linda Gorin, ownr of The Best to You, is a member of, has a national movement to donate a gift box filled with healthy, sweet and savory goodies to doctors, nurses and health care workers in hospitals or facilities dealing with the Pandemic. They are working long hard hours, at great personal risk, and most are not even stopping for lunch or dinner. The boxes are filled with individually wrapped treats to give them energy, satisfy their hunger, and to show the country's love and appreciation for them.

You can order these boxes on www.thebesttoyou.com ($25.00 to $85.00 sizes), choose where your donation will go and have their name on the enclosure card. Or just sponsor a gift basket to a health care worker on the association's list.

Jillian Ryan


Jillian Ryan has a business, Marie Mae. Most businesses exist to only make money. Jillian's business exists to create an impact. She believes that economic empowerment – through business – is the quickest path to improving someone’s quality of life. That's why she founded Marie Mae Business School, working to bring education and inspiration to struggling women who are hit especially hard during the pandemic. Employers can help fund her business school and the women by purchasing a gift for their employees working remotely from home. www.mariemae.com