Podcast Interviews that Capture and Share Stories By, For and About Inspirational Women

Who Are TrailBlazers

Ordinary women who have lived extraordinary lives share their inspirational secrets and provide hope and guidance to women of all ages in similar circumstances. No subject is “off limits” from racial and LGBT discrimination and me-too-ism. TrailBlazers women's stories chronicle struggles, successes and the impact of lessons learned. From entrepreneurs to corporate leaders, from attorneys to volunteers, from “firsts and onlys” to humanitarians, they blazed a trail for others to follow. . . let their voices be heard!

A TrailBlazer is a woman who actively created new paths for other women to follow, telling of her successes and failures, actively encouraging other women to lean-in and pursue their passion 

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Molly Williams, Attorney

I thoroughly enjoyed Dee Dee’s interview with the inspiring powerhouse Dr. Faye Williams!! I loved the story of how she leveraged her involvement in the League of Women Voters to access voter records and get her NAACP Youth Group out to register voters in the local public housing community and hear how this early local work evolved into her role on the Ford Foundation Board and her efforts to eliminate administrative burdens to voter registration nationwide!

These interviews are such a great resource and interesting listen– keep up the good work!

It was easy to go to the App Store on my iphone and search and download the “Apple Podcast” app – it is a purple box with a microphone and then quickly typed in and found trailblazerimpact and clicked on Dr. Williams’ interview – simple!

I haven’t been a big podcast person before – but I’m getting into the habit of just popping on the app to listen on my work commute and at lunch when it is just me and my phone – much better than just scrolling Facebook on my down time!  So many interesting life histories to light the path forward for all – thank you!


Desiree Doubrox, Founder/CEO of An Empowered Woman and HomWork

 Trailblazers Impact!

A name true to the heart of it's hosts, Nan McKay and Dee Dee Strum.

I'm a avid podcaster listener and find the intimate stories about these amazing women fascinating and empowering.  It makes me feel blessed to be a woman and inspired to be the best woman I can be.

No matter what age you are or life you have led, we can all relate to the trials and tribulations, the victories and joys these women share.

Thank you for bringing them to my home every week, I can't wait.