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TrailBlazers Impact transports the listener into the journey of contemporary history-makers with “her-story” of the range of influences, challenges and strategies that made way for women with an ordinary start to go on to rack up extraordinary achievements




This podcast includes Inspiring stories of Afghanistan and Rwanda business women participating in the IEEW PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS® PROGRAM. It chronicles their struggles and challenges of living in a developing country and owning a business as a woman.



Housing and community development's evolvement rests on the shoulders of women and men who have played a strong role in developing affordable housing and communities throughout the country. Their stories provide a human historical perspective on our cities and the housing within our cities. Fellows from the American Academy of Housing and Communities are featured.


In this pandemic-caused uncertainty, we interview TrailBlazers who have overcome struggles and challenges all their lives. Today they help us move forward, providing guidance about how to cope in a crisis as we are trying to understand the new world.

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Adrienne Whitehead, Atlanta, GA
It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since your wonderful daughter, Molly, introduced us by phone, and we began talking about your desire to provide a platform by which women of all walks of life, of all ages, and of various ethnic backgrounds can share their experiences. You may recall my first question (really to myself): Is there a difference between “who I am” and “who I am NOW?” … to which you responded: “Life never quite turns out as we thought it would, and that’s an important lesson...” What has amazed me about the TrailBlazers podcasts is that even though I’m an African American woman, now enjoying my own version of retirement, I find that I can relate to, and (even at this stage of my life) have learned from, each of the featured TrailBlazers, especially their different approaches to problem-solving and challenges. Thanks for giving us this invaluable platform.

Olivia Denton-Koopman, Chicago, IL
Just listened to your podcast with Janice – it was so interesting! I’m still playing catch up on some of the older ones but am about half way through. I love the stories and appreciate the perspective it gives.

Molly Williams, Portland, OR
These interviews are such a great resource and interesting listen– keep up the good work! It was easy to go to the App Store on my iPhone and search and download the “Apple Podcast” app - then quickly typed in and found trailblazerimpact and clicked on the interview– simple! I’m getting into the habit of just popping on the app to listen on my work commute and at lunch when it is just me and my phone. Many interesting life histories to light the path forward for all – thank you!

Desiree Doubrox, San Diego
Trailblazers Impact! A name true to the heart of it's hosts, Nan McKay and Dee Dee Strum. I'm a avid podcaster listener and find the intimate stories about these amazing women fascinating and empowering. It makes me feel blessed to be a woman and inspired to be the best woman I can be.
Andrea Hudnell, San Diego, CA
I wanted to say THANK YOU. I have been glued to your podcast. It has been so inspirational and informative. I have shared it with all of the important women in my life. I want to thank you for being just who you are!

Unabyrd Wadhams, Baltimore, MD
As a long time housing official with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a woman who matriculated through diverse and challenging landscapes, I am incredibly thankful for the Community Trailblazers podcast and highly recommend it to others.
Sarah Arlt Lutz, Dallas, TX
I truly enjoy listening to your TrailBlazers podcast.  The one with Molly McKay Williams brought me to tears – so inspiring!


Sandra Reault
I am so glad I found this podcast. The conversations are insightful, relevant and mindful of the issues housing has faced, faces today and will face tomorrow. Each interview I have listened to has provided me with a unique perspective from a knowledgeable professional. I value the contributions and look forward to more discussions for innovation, holistic problem solving and better alternatives in the production, delivery and management of affordable housing to come.