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How to Use A Crisis Moment to Shift Your Life | Patty Lynn Wyatt

By TrailBlazersImpact | May 6, 2021

Patty Lynn Wyatt – What would you do if someone walked into the room you were in with a gun and said, “I’m going to kill you all.” That is exactly what happened to Patty and this was the pivotal moment that completely changed her purpose and gave her a passion and direction for her life.

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How to Be the Maker of Champions | Catherine Crosslin

By TrailBlazersImpact | May 4, 2021

Catherine Crosslin | Learn how to overcome your internal limitations to become effective and successful. You will also learn the importance of having a clear picture of what you want and focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

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How to Gain Emotional Freedom | Betsy Muller

By TrailBlazersImpact | May 4, 2021

Betsy Muller – Learn the benefits of EFT tapping as an alternative form of therapy for both emotional and physical pain. Also, learn about the signs to look for in isolated and possibly suicidal people and how to get them the needed help.

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How to Create a Life to Remember | Francine Farkas Sears | Purse Power

By TrailBlazersImpact | May 2, 2021

You are as likely to encounter Francine Farkas Sears entertaining royalty as you are to find her breaking out of a Polish prison. She has done both.

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Invest in and Support Women | Brianna McDonald

By TrailBlazersImpact | April 29, 2021

Brianna McDonald – One of the most powerful supporters of women, Brianna McDonald has great advice for parents on the problem of bullying. Brianna McDonald was bullied as a child, including being held underwater in a lake by five girls, until it became so bad, her parents had to move to another town. This is the epitome of mean girls and not anything for a parent to take pride in.

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Nan McKay, a successful entrepreneur and champion of equality for over 40 years, interviews ordinary women with extraordinary achievements who hold out their hand to share stories and inspire you to take the next step to bridge your dreams to action. We bring you hope, courage and inspiration. For  entrepreneurs, activists, writers, and civil rights history buffs - let's build a community!


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Adrienne Whitehead, Atlanta, GA

It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since your wonderful daughter, Molly, introduced us by phone, and we began talking about your desire to provide a platform by which women of all walks of life, of all ages, and of various ethnic backgrounds can share their experiences. You may recall my first question (really to myself): Is there a difference between "who I am" and "who I am NOW?" … to which you responded: "Life never quite turns out as we thought it would, and that's an important lesson..." What has amazed me about the TrailBlazers podcasts is that even though I'm an African American woman, now enjoying my own version of retirement, I find that I can relate to, and (even at this stage of my life) have learned from, each of the featured TrailBlazers, especially their different approaches to problem-solving and challenges. Thanks for giving us this invaluable platform.

Unabyrd Wadhams, Baltimore, MD

As a long time housing official with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and a woman who matriculated through diverse and challenging landscapes, I am incredibly thankful for the Community Trailblazers podcast and highly recommend it to others.

Eileen S. Lenson, MSW, ACSW, BCC, Irvine, CA

This website is clean and easy on the eye, heavily laden with excellent content yet easy to navigate.  While Trailblazers Impact would be a good resource at any point in our lives, it is especially valuable during these challenging times.  The pandemic has resulted in many of us slowing down, being more introspective, and pushing the reset button on our values and priorities. Trailblazers Impact isn't just a good and timely read.  Nan McKay's interviews of women who have experienced challenging events provide a tool that helps empower us in achieving our own personal goals.

Podcasts for Female EntrepreneursJason Lee, San Diego, CA

What a treat to listen to Mr. Ink! Thank you, Nan, for letting Mr. Ink tell his story. What other format would take the time to let him roll out his story at his pace?   This was a great glimpse of how government and politics were run. It’s also a reminder that integrity and a belief in doing the right thing is timeless. It shows that what we think are unique issues that only impact us today are just  different versions of fights others have fought. Mr. Ink is a great example of doing the right thing even if it’s not the easy or popular thing to do. My favorite line of his was, “It seemed to be that people get weak kneed when they don’t need to.” He was talking about big things like standing up to systemic wrongs and fighting injustice and corruption, but he seemed to do the right thing naturally -- almost like breathing. I am sure there are more examples of courageous people like him driving our government forward, but especially in these times, we could use a lot more Mr. Inks in the world.

Donna Miller, Purse Power, Oklahoma

Nan McKay is a true champion for women.  Through her podcast, Trailblazer's Impact, she highlights change makers and amplifies their voices.  Purse Power saw such promise in her work that we created a partnership to rebroadcast our Let's Share the Journey interviews with national leaders on her channel.  Our website traffic has increased 69% year over year and Trailblazer's Impact has, no doubt, played a role in this increased engagement.

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