The Oral History of Housing and Communities

In the Community TrailBlazers Podcast, we are featuring Fellows of the American Academy of Housing and Communities who have had a major impact on world affairs, federal policy, and the development of community culture through courageous action to bring about change. Most have lived through many Presidents, many generations, and many changes. We capture their thoughts on the last 50 years of public policy and discuss what the future may hold.

Kent Watkins founded this honorary society, consisting of the top national and international thought leaders and implementers in the field of urbanism. These include heads of federal agencies and their senior staffs, as well as urbanist leaders in social welfare, health, education, culinary arts, art and poetry, transportation, climate and others who have made an impact on the culture of the areas we live in.  All are considered peers and have achieved success in some unique way. Referred to as the Academy Series, Nan McKay spotlights one of these trailblazers each week.

Lynne Sagalyn Portrait

Lynne Sagalyn Podcast

Demystifying the Politics and Planning of Cities Ep. 65 - Lynne Sagalyn is an expert in real estate development and finance and author of three books. She is the person for demystifying the politics and planning of cities. She gives us the theory and thinking behind how and why cities ...
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Antonio Santaella Portrait

Antonio Santaella Podcast

International Flamenco Maestro Ep. 64 - Meet Antonio Santaella, a very famous flamenco dancer referred to as the international flamenco maestro whose culture influence qualifies him to be a Fellow of the American Academy of Housing and Communities. He started his long journey to Puerto Rico from Granada, Spain his ...
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Birth of the Tax Credit Program

Robert Rozen Podcast

The Birth of the Housing Tax Credit Program Ep. 63 - Robert Rozen, referred to as Bobby,  worked for many years in the U.S. Senate and was involved in the establishment of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program which is the primary means of financing affordable housing today. In ...
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Carla Hills Portrait

Carla A. Hills

Former U.S. Trade Ambassador and HUD Secretary Carla Hills, Former U.S. Trade Ambassador and HUD Secretary Ep. 49 - What would it be like to be responsible for negotiating a trade agreement with China or Japan or any other world country? Imagine yourself about to take a high-level job with ...
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Is Fair Housing Fair?

Amy Glassman Podcast

Is Fair Housing Fair? Amy Glassman Ep. 62 - Is fair housing fair? What is disparate impact and how can housing authorities and landlords determine the application of it?  What is reasonable accommodation? How is HUD conducting market testing to determine racial discrimination? Amy M. Glassman is a partner with ...
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William Kelly Portrait

William Kelly Podcast

Co-creation Model to Bring Social Change William C. Kelly Podcast Ep. 61 - Referred to as Bill Kelly, the developer of a co-creation model to bring social change to affordable housing. He was a special assistant and executive assistant to the secretary of HUD Carla Hills from 1975 to 1977. ...
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Sarah Rosen Wartell Portrait

Sarah Rosen Wartell Podcast

Elevate the Debate Sarah Rosen Wartell Ep. 60 - Sarah Rosen Wartell has articulated a strategy for Urban: elevate the debate. She discusses how data availablility through Urban can assist decisionmmaking in addressing racial disparities in housing. She is the public policy executive and housing markets expert who serves as ...
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Muriel Tillinghast Portrait

Muriel Tillinghast Podcast

Desegregation Activism on the Front Lines Muriel Tillinghast Ep. 59 - Meet Muriel Tillinghast, a human rights activist from the 1960’s to today! She takes us on a long but fascinating journey from the initial civil rights activities in the 1960’s through an extensive career in revenue generation and oversight ...
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Norman McLoughlin Portrait

Norman McLoughlin Podcast

Creative Real Estate Financing Ep. 58 - Norm McLoughlin is a master of creative real estate financing in the public sector. Whether it is tax exempt bonds, tax credit, or federal, state or local funds, Norm has experience in all of them! As President of the National Association of Local ...
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Engage the residents

Joseph Shuldiner Podcast

Engage the Residents Ep. 57 - Can you imagine managing a 500K+ subsidized housing unit program with 10,238 employees? How about 9.375 units plus 58,000 families in the Section 8 program? Joseph Shuldiner is the only executive director in the country to manage three behemoth housing authorities! He was HUD’s ...
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Close the Diversity Gap in Housing

David Stevens Podcast

Close the Diversity Gap in Housing Ep. 56 - David Stevens wants to close the diversity gap in housing and allow more inclusion for a better and diverse America. He would like to see a country where the economic gap is less wide and both the majority and the minority ...
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Trailblazers Podcast

Bryan Greene

Racial Bias in Housing Bryan Greene knows what discrimination looks like, especially in housing. But how do we end racial bias in housing so that housing is equally available to everyone?  Bryan handled many discrimination cases while he managed HUD's fair housing policy and practices. He lets us know what ...
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Entrepreneur Podcasts

James Stockard

Housing Is a Right, Not a Privilege Ep. 54 - “It’s time to ensure that no American has to worry about where they and their families will sleep tonight.” James Stockard, referred to as Jim, feels affordable housing should be a right, not a privilege. He links the lack of ...
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Podcast Communities

Mark Willis

Revival of Cities Ep. 53 - Mark Willis’s life work is about stabilizing and revitalizing cities, with a strong focus on New York City, but creating theory and systems which would work throughout the country. He feels it is crucial to bridge between theory and practice when it comes to ...
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