Nan McKay’s Story

What is it like to build an entrepreneurial career from work in public service – is that possible?  And how do you transition every level of learning, even the experiences you had as a child, and taking on 17 jobs as a tennager, into your future success? What is that entrepreneurial journey like? In this interview, Case Lane has a conversation with Nan McKay, owner of Nan McKay Connects and founder of Nan McKay and Associates. Nan has a varied and fascianting entrepreneurial journey. Through our conversation, you can understand how entrepreneurs can come from different backgrounds and experiences, overcome obstacles, and achieve goals from a variety of circumstances.  Listen to Ready Entrepreneur Podcasts here.

When An Icon Dies

By Karen Kendra- We all knew it was coming, but against all odds, we hoped for a miracle anyway. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, known with affection as “The Notorious RBG” was a diminutive, but imposing fixture on the Supreme Court of the United States for over twenty-seven years.  Most of us thought it was longer.  Her voice was at last silenced by the cancer that she had fought valiantly for years, while “going at full speed”, to…

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Redefining Public Health Professional

What's a Health Professional? By DeeDee Strum When stepping back a few years ago from a 40-year career as a ...
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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is important.  It restores energy and helps with immunity, learning, growth, and development.  During sleep, the brain is cleansed ...
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Six Megatrends of the New Normal

By Christine Crandell I'm an international business consultant in customer retention, transformation and strategy. I've written an informative paper on ...
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The Turning Points in My life

By Beverly Kuykendall As time passes, I am beginning to reflect on the many lessons that I have learned over ...
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Equal for Each – Gender Equality by Amra Markic

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #EachforEqual, inviting individuals to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions to promote ...
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Humility and the Color Green

"You Know Where You've Been, But You Don't Know Where You are Going" By Beverly Kuykendall This was expressed to ...
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It’s All About Choices

By Beverly Kuykendall “If you always do, what you always did, you will always get what you always got." As ...
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iPlaid: Intuitive Passion Launches an Inner Discovery

By Susan Fielder The loss of a loved one is huge. The passing of my husband, Don Mears, was from ...
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Before It’s Too Late

By Susan Fielder My book, My Living Legacy, is a workbook to leave your Legacy to loved ones, friends and family. ...
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Remembering the 1950s

Burger Business in the 50’s

By Susan Fielder I was raised in the Burger Business in Kansas City. We owned Allens and Smaks which was ...
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Home in the 1950’s

By Nan McKay: In the 50’s decade, I was 8-18 so I’m remembering what it was like when I was ...
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1950’s: What Was It Like?

From the depression to WWII to the 1950's era, everything changed. Those who survived the Depression and WWII were timid and ...
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Remembering the 1960s

Promotion? No, You’ll Just Have Babies and Leave

My husband and I moved to Minnesota and I needed a job. I was in my early 20’s and this ...
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Airline Stewardess Life in the 1960’s

By Nan McKay As a teenager, my favorite thing to do was to go out to the little airport in ...
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1960’s: Shockwaves of Change

The decade was a roller coaster of experiences and contradictions. Wave after wave of change crashed through society. It was ...
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My Love Affair

My Love Affair Part 6. And Then There Were 3

There were a few couples besides Harry and his wife. Even the police chief's parents were in the highrise. They ...
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My Love Affair Part 5. The Women in the Building

I must also tell you about the women. There were many, and I can't tell you all the stories, but ...
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My Love Affair Part 4. The Men in the Building

Life in the highrise continued on. There were more women in the building than men. Believing in the adage that ...
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My Love Affair Part 3. Integrating Concord Street into the New Highrise

The next hurdle was to relocate the Concord Street residents. I thought it would be easy — the highrise was so much ...
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My Love Affair Part 2. The Most Exciting New Year’s Eve

As the elderly highrise building took shape and became a reality, it was time to start taking applications. I went ...
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My Love Affair Part 1. Urban Renewal, Stockyards & Concord Street

It's pretty scary to realize that I've been working in subsidized housing since before HUD was created. I started with ...
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