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We are concerned about the change in the status of women since COVID hit – and we intend to do something about it!  There were gender gaps prior to COVID, but the hardest hit sectors are those where women are most often employed. In fact, gender parity in some industries has stopped. The Gender Gap Report indicates that it will now take    135.6 years to close the gender gap worldwide! Are you seeing evidence of these changes where you live? I’m seeing women reevaluating their past career choices and looking toward “What’s next for me? Do I want to stay on the same trajectory or is it worth it? Is there a new opportunity for me to pivot and do more of what I really want to do? And what is it that I want to do?” We are rethinking these questions as well. Our mission is to empower …

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100 Top Blogs for Women List

TrailBlazers Impact made the top 100 Blogs and Websites for Women List!  Feedspot selected our site as one every woman must follow in 2020!  Some of our blogs are thought-provoking, some controversial, some just fun to reminisce with . . . we run the gambit!

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A Post-Pandemic Recovery Playbook for Women: Cathy Light

As vaccines roll out, we turn our attention toward economic recovery. The traditional stimulus measures of the past, dominated by investment in infrastructure and construction, will not be effective in our post-pandemic world. Those sectors are male-majority employers, and COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on women.

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Guest Blogs

Affordable Housing Through Adaptive Reuse: Alison Gross

I previously wrote a blog about Adaptive Reuse, describing how the creative repurposing of unused buildings could help solve some ...
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Economic Recovery for American Cities by Alison Gross

Is Adaptive Reuse the Future of Commercial Real Estate? The 2020 urban exodus of businesses and workforce participants has left ...
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Women in the Workplace – The Imperative of Childcare for Economic Recovery

By Alison Gross The pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities for women in the workplace, exposing vulnerabilities in social and economic ...
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I Believe in Taxation

I Believe in Government - By DeeDee Strum "Governments are responsible for services individuals cannot effectively provide for themselves:  military defense, ...
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5 Reasons for Optimism in 2021

By Alison Gross for Daintree Advisory - Watch for Guest Posting in Community TrailBlazers Podcast As the vaccines have rolled ...
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The "What" of a Common Ground Strategy

Part 2 By Bill Barberg In Part 1 of this blog series, I made the case for a national housing ...
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Denying the American Dream

Levittown by Antoinette Punzavitz When WWII ended in 1945, it was estimated that 5 million houses would be needed to ...
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A Common Ground Economic Strategy

By Bill Barberg - Part 1. Following the intensely polarizing election, the United States needs healing and pathways forward to ...
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Lifelong Learning Blog

The specific context is not as important as the universal message it delivers:  lifelong learning is truly important.  Here are ...
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Remembering the 1950s

Burger Business in the 50’s

I was raised in the Burger Business in Kansas City. We owned Allens and Smaks which was a really popular ...
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Home in the 1950’s

By Nan McKay: In the 50’s decade, I was 8-18 so I’m remembering what it was like when I was ...
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1950’s: What Was It Like?

From the depression to WWII to the 1950's era, everything changed. Those who survived the Depression and WWII were timid and ...
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Remembering the 1960s

A Post-Pandemic Recovery Playbook for Women: Cathy Light

      Part 1 of a Multi-Part Series As vaccines roll out, we turn our attention toward economic recovery. ...
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Why I’m a TBI Co-Host: DeeDee Strum

Joining Trailblazers Impact as co-host with Nan McKay, my friend and collaborator of more than four decades, provides the platform ...
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COVID Holidays

By Karen Kendra The mad rush is over for another year.  Why were we rushing?  Most of us weren't leaving ...
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My Love Affair

My Love Affair Part 6. And Then There Were 3

There were a few couples besides Harry and his wife. Even the police chief's parents were in the highrise. They ...
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My Love Affair Part 5. The Women in the Building

I must also tell you about the women. There were many, and I can't tell you all the stories, but ...
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My Love Affair Part 4. The Men in the Building

Life in the highrise continued on. There were more women in the building than men. Believing in the adage that ...
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My Love Affair Part 3. Integrating Concord Street into the New Highrise

The next hurdle was to relocate the Concord Street residents. I thought it would be easy - the highrise was so much ...
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My Love Affair Part 2. The Most Exciting New Year’s Eve

As the elderly highrise building took shape and became a reality, it was time to start taking applications. I went ...
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My Love Affair Part 1. Urban Renewal, Stockyards & Concord Street

It's pretty scary to realize that I've been working in subsidized housing since before HUD was created. I started with ...
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