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100 Top Blogs for Women List

TrailBlazers Impact made the top 100 Blogs and Websites for Women List!  Feedspot selected our site as one every woman must follow in 2020!  Some of our blogs are thought-provoking, some controversial, some just fun to reminise with . . . we run the gambit!

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Motivation Victoria Woods

Motivation, Simplified by Victoria Woods

Do you find yourself on a constant pursuit for a better source of professional motivation? Maybe you feel your methods aren’t as effective as others? Have your uncertainties sent you down the never-ending rabbit hole of searching for that next new thing only to be greeted with a mixed bag of suggestions while leaving your head spinning? It is overwhelming, and I can relate 100%. As a CEO, Investment Advisor and mentor, I’m often asked…

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Guest Blogs

Linda Gorin and Staff

The Best to You: Linda Gorin

When I started my business in 1985, my first flyer said “Are You Tired Of Giving Flowers, When You Wanted ...
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Runa Preparing

Change One Word – Change Your World

Runa Magnus, TrailBlazers Impact Podcast, Ep. 108 Somehow we've come to believe that being right is more important than listening ...
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writing family stories

Fall Tales – Writing Family Stories

By Karen Kendra If you're like me, the comprehensive to-do list you compiled at the beginning of the pandemic is ...
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A Beacon of Hope

A Beacon of Hope

My journey started in a small town in India. The support of many nurturing people around me, coupled with my ...
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Covid 19

It Ain’t That Hard! Just Wear A Mask…

By DeeDee Strum National Public Radio (NPR) and other news outlets are currently reporting 22 states experiencing increased rates of ...
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Best Small Business Podcast

Courage in the Aftermath of George Floyd

By Shawn McClondon The death and the circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd has created an environment that has ...
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Women in Business Podcast

SCOTUS Partisanship Relief

By Karen Kendra Here we are at the political crossroads----national election season.  As if the country isn’t polarized enough, the ...
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Inspiring Podcasts

How to Breathe Easier With COPD

By Jay Berger Even with advanced COPD you can improve your breathing and quality of life. With a chronic illness ...
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Motivational Podcasts for Women

Where Do You Fit in the Remote Economy?

By Clare Price. The remote economy, which opened for business full throttle in March, shows no signs of slowing down. ...
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Remembering the 1950s

Burger Business in the 50’s

By Susan Fielder I was raised in the Burger Business in Kansas City. We owned Allens and Smaks which was ...
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Home in the 1950’s

By Nan McKay: In the 50’s decade, I was 8-18 so I’m remembering what it was like when I was ...
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1950’s: What Was It Like?

From the depression to WWII to the 1950's era, everything changed. Those who survived the Depression and WWII were timid and ...
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Remembering the 1960s

Promotion? No, You’ll Just Have Babies and Leave

My husband and I moved to Minnesota and I needed a job. I was in my early 20’s and this ...
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Airline Stewardess Life in the 1960’s

By Nan McKay As a teenager, my favorite thing to do was to go out to the little airport in ...
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1960’s: Shockwaves of Change

The decade was a roller coaster of experiences and contradictions. Wave after wave of change crashed through society. It was ...
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My Love Affair

My Love Affair Part 6. And Then There Were 3

There were a few couples besides Harry and his wife. Even the police chief's parents were in the highrise. They ...
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My Love Affair Part 5. The Women in the Building

I must also tell you about the women. There were many, and I can't tell you all the stories, but ...
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My Love Affair Part 4. The Men in the Building

Life in the highrise continued on. There were more women in the building than men. Believing in the adage that ...
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My Love Affair Part 3. Integrating Concord Street into the New Highrise

The next hurdle was to relocate the Concord Street residents. I thought it would be easy — the highrise was so much ...
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My Love Affair Part 2. The Most Exciting New Year’s Eve

As the elderly highrise building took shape and became a reality, it was time to start taking applications. I went ...
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My Love Affair Part 1. Urban Renewal, Stockyards & Concord Street

It's pretty scary to realize that I've been working in subsidized housing since before HUD was created. I started with ...
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