Wow! Get Focused and Make Money! Nan McKay | TrailBlazers Impact

I am sharing with you my #1 resource that has made the biggest impact on my business this year! I joined Powerful Professionals and Kim Walsh Phillips and have gained the RIGHT business focus for me. As you know, TrailBlazers Impact brings powerful stories from women who have changed the world from small ways to big ones. Kim provided the templates, tools, and strategic thinking to get me on a track to financial success, all through my own offerings. Not by asking for donations. Instead, designing useful products to generate income on my own. You can do it, too!

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Valarie Austin Announced as Conference Speaker

Valarie Austin, Trailblazers Impact Interviews past guest, will be a speaker at the Veterans BizUp Virtual Conference, which will be held from August 10th – August 12th, 2021. Valarie’s workshop is scheduled for August 11th. She will be discussing career and job search strategies, such as using the Maryland Workforce Exchange a virtual resource, which the Maryland Department of Labor sponsors.

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100 Top Blogs for Women List

TrailBlazers Impact made the top 100 Blogs and Websites for Women List!  Feedspot selected our site as one every woman must follow in 2020!

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Why Your Business Must Pay Attention to Chatbot Marketing Now | Dorothy Vernon-Brown

By Dorothy Vernon-Brown
PART 1. About Chatbots: The Foundation of Chat Marketing
Chatbots are software programs or applications that simulate human conversations via audio or text. A chatbot can either be powered by pre-programmed (or pre-determined) responses or artificial intelligence to drive conversations.

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How I Found the VIP in Me | Candace Keith

    By Candace Keith (V)oice. (I)nner Peace. (P)urpose. In being a former Preacher's wife, I had lost them. As little girls, ...
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The Biggest Lead Gen Mistake I Ever Made | Clare Price

    By Clare Price, President and CEO of Octain Growth The Biggest Lead Gen Mistake I Ever Made It's ...
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A Post-Pandemic Recovery Playbook for Women: Cathy Light (Part 5 of Multi-part Series)

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of a Multi-Part Series PART 1 As vaccines roll out, we turn our ...
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Workplace Challenges We Need to Overcome in 2021 | Andrea Chester

Key Challenges It would be an understatement to say that these are uncertain and challenging times for businesses and employees ...
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Affordable Housing Through Adaptive Reuse: Alison Gross

I previously wrote a blog about Adaptive Reuse, describing how the creative repurposing of unused buildings could help solve some ...
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Women in the Workplace – The Imperative of Childcare for Economic Recovery

By Alison Gross The pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities for women in the workplace, exposing vulnerabilities in social and economic ...
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Lifelong Learning Blog

The specific context is not as important as the universal message it delivers:  lifelong learning is truly important.  Here are ...
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A 10 Year Old’s View on Inequality

By Molly L., Granddaughter of a Colleague When I look around me, I can see a lot of inequality that ...
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Motivation, Simplified by Victoria Woods

Do you find yourself on a constant pursuit for a better source of professional motivation? Maybe you feel your methods ...
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