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Trailblazers Impact on YTIn "Trailblazers Impact Interviews," we delve into the captivating stories of women from the tumultuous 1950s and 1960s, who stared down the face of gender and racial discrimination. Their legacies still reverberate today, influencing their descendants, some of whom have become the top 40 under 40 contributors within their communities. Let these stories guide your entrepreneurial journey, providing a wellspring of inspiration and practical advice.

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Community Trailblazers

Community TrailblazersIn the Community TrailBlazers Podcast, we are featuring Fellows of the American Academy of Housing and Communities who have had a major impact on world affairs, federal policy, and the development of community culture through courageous action to bring about change. Most have lived through many Presidents, many generations, and many changes. We capture their thoughts on the last 50 years of public policy and discuss what the future may hold.

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Reignite Your Life

reignite your lifeAre you ready to unlock the keys to a successful retirement? Are you looking forward to an exciting new chapter in life? Would you like to discover your significant purpose after 60? Transform your life from searching for a new identity to finding your significance by reigniting your life. As you age, your value doesn't become less significant. It becomes more significant. Change the world around you by empowering who you are. Recenter, reconnect, and rebuild to find your next step to significance. 

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