Ordinary Women . . . Extraordinary Achievements

TrailBlazers Impact Podcast promotes stories of under-recognized women, overcoming odds to make a difference in the lives of others.

TBI guests talk about how they arrived at where they are today - including all the side-steps they took along the way.

Celebrate women's accomplishments to make the world a better place by inspiring others to bridge from their dreams to action! Let's make a better future.

How to Take Your Business from $10K to $10 Million: Susie Carder

Wealth Is Your Birthright Ep. 138 -Susie Carder - This is truly a story from rags to riches. Growing up with 9 siblings on "the wrong side of the tracks,"  Susie Carder is a self-made millionaire and the CEO of Susie Carder Profit Coach. She's passionate about creating businesses that ...
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How and Why to Be Ready for a Corporate Board Seat: Julie Abrams

Let's Share the Journey! Ep 139 - Julie Abrams - Did you know that in 12 of the United States, there either is legislation requiring women to be represented on every public company board or there is legislation being considered? There are more opportunities than ever for senior women leaders ...
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How to Find Courage to Follow Your Writing Passion: Rae Meadows

    Read Her Books! Ep. 22 - Rae Meadows is a real award-winner author who found the courage to follow her passion!  Rae is a former Minnesota girl who went to school with my daughter! After feeling unfilled in several jobs, a friend asked Rae what she would really ...
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How Change in Equality Creates a Better World | Tammi Davis

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Ep. 137 - Tammi Davis gives us much to think about, from a business level on implementing a true diversity and inclusion program to your personal responsibility and accountability for race relations. One of Tammi's unique value-adds is that she possesses experience working in the public, ...
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How to Balance Enterpreneurship and Personal Life: Penny Wing

    A Serial Entrepreneur Ep. 30 - Penny Wing Starting a business isn't always easy - but when you can start, grow and sell your business, it's a great opportunity! Described as a Serial Entrepreneur who has created and sold several businesses, Penny talks about how to deal with ...
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How to Practice Reckless Optimism: Kimble Bosworth

    Her Very Interesting Life Ep. 72 - Kimble Bosworth approaches life with a sense of reckless abandon. When she was 15, she had a near death experience after almost succumbing to toxic shock syndrome. She remembers being at the doorway of what she believed was heaven, tempted to ...
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How to Embrace Hope, Health and Healing: Verna Jones Rodwell

Alzheimers Activist Ep. 44 - Verna Jones Rodwell held a political office for many years. Her passion  revolves around hope, health and healing whether championing programs in public office or advocating for alzheimers assistance in those areas. She had an early start as a community organizer and advocate for affordable ...
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The War Against Organized Crime: George Dapra

Love in the Old Country Ep. 20 Bonus - George Dapra has first-hand experience as a United States Marshal in the battle against the Organized Crime Syndicate and al Qaeda. It is as compelling as it is engaging. He starts with love in the old country and takes you through ...
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Money Talks but What’s It Saying? Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager

Let's Share the Journey Ep. 136 - Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager discuss women's issues and discovering who you are and what you want. We want money to have THINGS but is it what makes us happy? Be entertained during this transformative journey. Listen in to learn how to ...
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Why Have Diversity in Public Offices? Christine Davenport

    First African American Woman to Hold This Office Ep. 135 - The Honorable Christine Davenport is a civic and political leader in the state of Maryland. She holds the distinction of becoming the first African American elected to the Democratic Central Committee as a chairwoman from district 31 ...
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How to Get High Performance with Empathy: Sree Anand Ratnasinghe

Mentor People to Meet Their Goals Ep. 133 - Sree Anand Ratnasinghe's secret to leadership success lies in being recognized for taking a hands-on approach to tackling large-scale digital transformation initiatives while simultaneously being a passionate customer advocate. How does she balance them when she manages employees internationally and remotely? ...
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How to Heal from Trauma: Janie Stubblefield

Healing Through Play Therapy Ep. 75 - Janie Stubblefield - How are children affected through divorce or an abusive situation? Who can they talk with? Janie has a passion for helping parents and children get through hard transitions and build bridges through changes. She also has a passion to support ...
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