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Tai Christensen Portrait

Tai Christensen Podcast

Close the Racial Gap in Homeownership Ep. 122 - Meet Tai Christensen. In 1936, Tai Christensen's great-grandmother, a housekeeper and widow in North Carolina with four sons, saved up $500 and bought a house at age 35. That decision, which changed the trajectory of her family's finances for generations to ...
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Valarie Austin Portrait

Valarie Austin Podcast

Military Service is In Her Blood Valarie Austin Ep. 70 - Military service of this West Point graduate is in her blood. Her great-grandparents were Bahamian immigrants with a legacy of military service. Valarie R. Austin is a 1987 graduate of "the Academy"; that is, the United States Military Academy ...
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Tyra Jarvis Portrait

Tyra Jarvis Podcast

How to Reinvent Yourself Tyra Jarvis Ep. 78 - Are you walking the path towards an extraordinary life? A life where you reinvent yourself and embrace change as it comes? During COVID, many people are thinking about doing exactly that!  Tyra Jarvis is a coach who helps people set up ...
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Diane Jackson-Chapman Podcast

Determination Beats Education Standardized Tests Diane Jackson-Chapman Ep. 48 - Did you ever wonder if you were "average" on the standardized tests whether you could ever get into college and succeed, especially if you had two kids in tow? Dr. Diane Jackson-Chapman married while in undergraduate school, had a chaotic ...
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Clare Price Portrait

Clare Price Podcast

How to Make Remote Work! Clare Price Ep. 121 - Many of us were floundering in March 2019 when we had to work from home.  COVID was raging outside our door - we had to stay in to work unless we were classified as an essential worker. Clare Price, CEO ...
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Paula Ward Portrait

Paula Ward Podcast

Break the Glass Ceiling Paula Ward Ep. 119 - Would you like to break the glass ceiling? Are people moving up the corporate ladder but you feel like you are stuck in place? Would you like to retire at age 36?  If you did, what would you do with the ...
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Denise Patterson McKenney Portrait

Denise Patterson McKenney Podcast

How to WIN! Ep. 120 - Denise Patterson McKenney is a success story in how to negotiate a win/win which is really how to WIN! Have you ever wanted to win an argument so bad you could practically taste it? Have you ever laid awake at night thinking of what ...
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Mozhgan Wafiq Alokozai

Mozhgan Wafiq Alokozai Podcast

Empowering Women in Afghanistan Mozhgan Wafiq Alokozai Ep. 118 - Are you courageous? Imagine yourself walking down a street in Afghanistan. You have to be accompanied by a male relative. As you walk along, the potential of a bomb exploding is very real. How do you economically and socially empower ...
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Linda Dupre Hull

Linda Dupre Hull Podcast

Social Security at 62 or 65? Ep. 56 - Linda Dupre Hull, age 67, provides powerful insights in her podcast into a childhood where at age 12 she became a partner with her father in developing the family budget and managing the family finances out of the necessity of ensuring ...
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Write Your Memoirs

Write Your Memoirs: Karen Kendra

Just Do It! Write Your Story! Karen Kendra Ep. 117 - How are you planning to re-fire after your retirement? Perhaps, find a new second career that you're passionate about and will help you continue building your legacy and impacting others? Karen Kendra loves writing and says "Write Your Memoirs!" ...
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Robin Kardon Portrait

Robin “R.D.” Kardon Podcast

A Woman in the Cockpit Captain's Chair Robin "R.D." Kardon Ep. 25 - In the 1960's Robin wanted to be an astronaut. Her mother gave her the bad news that girls could not grow up to be astronauts. She studied journalism but instead of becoming a writer, she went to ...
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Mindy Bortness Portrait

Mindy Bortness Podcast

As You Spend Your Days Is How You Spend Your Life! Mindy Bortness Ep. 8 - How do you handle major life challenges? Do you turn to anger or faith and positivity to help you get through that season? In one way all the other, we all have a story ...
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