Trailblazers Impact InterviewsIn TrailBlazers Impact Interviews, women and men share their secrets to success - and their heartaches -  in extraordinary stories. And some had very rough beginnings - but made it anyway. These stories touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination and to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. If they can do it, so can you . . . by following their light . . . and then creating light for the person behind you.

How to Find the Just-Right Virtual Assistant | Riah Gonzalez

Linq Consulting Solutions Ep. 220 - Riah Gonzalez is the Founder and CEO of Linq Consulting Services, a female-focused, heart-centered Virtual Assistant Matchmaking company. She empowers her fellow business-owner clients with the right connections, positive energy, and meaningful relationships. Her Virtual Assistant Matchmaking service connects business owners to strong and ...
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How to Pivot into Entrepreneurship Without Fear | Robin Brewton

Strategy Mosaic Are you harboring fears that are stopping you from pivoting to your passion? Robin Brewton explains to us how she overcame her fears and took an entrepreneurship leap and is now making a difference. Robin Brewton is in the early stages of her pivot to becoming an executive ...
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Life as a Cruise Ship Stage Show Performer | AlissaBeth Morton

Azamara Cruises Ep. 218 - AlissaBeth Jane Morton is a very talented singer and dancer I met while she was performing on the Azamara Pursuit cruise ship. We talked about what led her to perform on a cruise ship. She has done over 100 stage shows in her life. Take ...
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Energy Entrepreneurship and Sustainability for Women | Katie Mehnert

Purse Power Ep 217 - Katie Mehnert - If you are curious about how you can get involved with energy entrepreneurship while still being sustainable, this is your episode. Katie Mehnert is a modern architect of culture change in energy. Her focus is the intersection of equity, sustainability, environment, and ...
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How to Help Boomers’ Become Social Media Savvy | Joyce Feustel

Boomers' Social Media Tutor Ep. 216 - Joyce Feustel - Does LinkedIn mystify you? Have you ever wondered what folks mean when they say "optimize your LinkedIn profile?" Do your posts on LinkedIn get attention from the people you want to reach? If you've ever asked yourself these questions, and ...
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How to Fund Your Business and Where to Invest | Tracy Chadwell | Purse Power

Purse Power Ep. 215 - Tracy Killoren Chadwell is an experienced venture capital investor and attorney. She's also a leader and a sought-after speaker within the community of women founders, innovators and entrepreneurs, including giving testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee. In this episode, Tracy explains her career difficult journey ...
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How to Be a Community Organizer for Change | Mariah McKay

Spokane Mover and Shaker Ep. 214 - Mariah McKay is an energetic, highly motivated leader focusing on bringing change to the community. Her passion is building independent grassroots power for the common good. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance (SIMBA). She's an ...
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How to Be the Most Admired CEO | Stacy Eads

Purse Power Ep. 213 - Stacy Eads is one of Oklahoma's 50 Women Making a Difference and also the Most Admired CEO in her home state of Oklahoma. Stacy's company, Stacy Eads, focuses on consulting in four areas: Technology, Marketing Strategy, Sales and Service, and Team Culture. She is a ...
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How To Monetize Your Skills After Retirement | Monique Montanino

4 Key Factors in Starting a Business Ep. 212 - Monique Montanino - If you have been or are in a corporate career and have dreamed of retiring early, listen to Monique's experience - because she did it. But retirement can get boring. So what else is there to do? If ...
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How to Run a Staffless Business | Dr Jodi Dinnerman | Purse Power

Purse Power Ep. 211 - Dr. Jodi Dinnerman is a family wellness-based chiropractor specializing in serving pregnant women and kids for 21 years. Jodi also founded SEWP School, a school for wellness practitioners who want to thrive in practice by automating tasks. In this episode, she explains how she created ...
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How to Become a Dynamic Leader in the Affordable Housing Sector | Ivory Mathews

Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in 2021 Ep. 210 - Ivory N. Mathews is a dynamic leader and motivator, offering over 20 years' comprehensive expertise in rebranding organizations through transformational and thought-centered approaches to leadership. Ivory exemplifies a "mentor" leadership approach, providing thorough ongoing guidance, training, and feedback. She has been building ...
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A Champion of Better and Affordable Cities | Mick Cornett

Purse Power Ep. 209 - Mick Cornett is the former mayor of Oklahoma City serving between 2004-2018 and the author of The Next American City. He was the first mayor in Oklahoma City history to be elected to four terms and remains the longest-serving mayor among the 50 largest cities ...
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