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Archive for May 2019

The Turning Points in My life

By Beverly Kuykendall As time passes, I am beginning to reflect on the many lessons that I have learned over the years. One recent recurring memory is how difficult it was for me to date. I didn’t do very much dating because it felt so uncomfortable. Many of the young men I went out with…

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Airline Stewardess Life in the 1960’s

By Nan McKay As a teenager, my favorite thing to do was to go out to the little airport in Peoria to watch planes take off and land. As soon as I turned 20 I became a flight attendant for a large airlines based in Chicago. I had had 2 years of college, and I…

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My Love Affair Part 1. Urban Renewal, Stockyards & Concord Street

It’s pretty scary to realize that I’ve been working in subsidized housing since before HUD was created. I started with my first housing authority in 1963, and the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965 created HUD as a Cabinet-level agency. The Public Housing Administration, U.S. Housing Authority, and House and HomeFinancing Agency were all swept into…

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1960’s: Shockwaves of Change

The decade was a roller coaster of experiences and contradictions. Wave after wave of change crashed through society. It was a raging storm of value clashes. The decade dawned on an emotional high of optimism. In 1961, John F Kennedy (JFK) was elected and particularly appealed to the young. It sparked a new commitment. People…

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Home in the 1950’s

By Nan McKay: In the 50’s decade, I was 8-18 so I’m remembering what it was like when I was a kid in grade school. I lived out of town a little way, between 2 farms, in a small town of about 3000 people in mid-Illinois. My dad was an accountant at Caterpillar about 15…

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1950’s: What Was It Like?

From the depression to WWII to the 1950’s era, everything changed. Those who survived the Depression and WWII were timid and defensive. “Saving” was the byword for them. Nest eggs. Those who were value-programmed after 1950 would have substantially different values. The standard of living in the U.S. was beyond the comprehension of the rest of…

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