My Love Affair Part 5. The Women in the Building


I must also tell you about the women. There were many, and I can't tell you all the stories, but some still stick in my mind. Nellie (a very proper lady) and I used to chat about what used to be. Many people wanted to view the highrise, and she allowed us to show her apartment over and over. It was always neat as a pin. Clara was always busy — never sat down. The other Nelly loved to show her apartment off — it was on the ninth floor at the corner of the building and she could see the stockyards and Concord Street from a very high view.

Melveen always looked like a fashion plate — a beautiful woman.
Barbara with her infectious laugh. Blanche was our oldest resident, in her 90s,
and still went out with her beautiful white hair piled high on her head. My
sweet, wonderful friends. Why, oh why, did I not keep a list of each apartment
resident? I guess I never thought I would be this old (older than many of them
were at the time) and would forget some of the names and the times. There are
so many memories. The ghosts walk the halls of my mind.

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