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Teen Angst, Drugs and Suicide

Ep. 96 - Are you worried your child may be abusing substances? Is your child being bullied? Have you heard about teenage suicide and worried? Listen to this episode of one mother's journey through that world. Hear Jamie talk about what she tried - what worked and what didn't. Philanthropist and entrepreneur Jamie Amelio has dedicated her life to helping children-from founding the ground-breaking charity Caring for Cambodia to leading the front on teen suicide prevention, and ultimately starting the Staying Bothered movement.

Top Takeaways:

    • How to learn from your mistakes and become an even stronger person than before
    • The negative impact of too much social media on teenagers today.
    • Why you need to sit back and look at the underlying factors that lead your kid into bullying.
    • The root cause of teenage alcoholism and why it is prevalent
    • Learn about the wilderness therapy program
    • Learn about the responsibility of parents, teachers, and the community lies in supporting teenagers.

Listen to hear Jamie's experience with teenage mental health issues and suicidal thoughts and how that changed her to become who she is today.


"If you have anxiety, it's not going to go away, it's not an instant fix. What you have to learn is how to cope with it."

In Episode 79, she shared the first part of her experiences in Cambodia in "Graced with Orange: How Caring for Cambodia Changed Lives, Including My Own." Her recent TEDx, "Be Bothered - Stay Bothered," underscores her belief that ordinary people can change the world. She was named as a 2010 Classic Woman of the Year by Traditional Home Magazine. She is also a published author having written Stumpy the Crocodile, a children's book about helping neighbors in need. She also penned Graced with Orange, the story of her Cambodian adventure and CFC, to ensure that her kids would understand what took her away from them frequently.

Jamie Amelio has been staying bothered her entire adult life. While living in Los Angeles, she served on the Board of Directors of Vistas for Children and founded Junior Vistas for Children. In Austin, she serves on two important Lake Travis School District committees that advocate for students' success. And in 2003, she launched Caring for Cambodia (CFC), which today supports 6,700 students each year in twenty-one schools in Siem Reap that have been named by the Cambodian government as the model schools for the entire country. She is a four-time recipient of the Cambodian government's prestigious Golden Hand Service Award. Most recently, Jamie founded Staying Bothered, a global movement to help people find what bothers them the most and to motivate them to get involved and stay committed. Jamie and her husband, Bill, lived in Asia for a decade and now make their home in Austin, Texas. They have six children, including two from Cambodia, and one grandson, all of whom understand the importance of "staying bothered"

On Episode 96, you will hear very important tips on how you can help your child from the downward spiral of mental issues and drug addictions.

Read her book Staying Bothered here.

Key Moments:

She shares the horrific stories from her teenage years that completely changed her to who she is today. [2:16]

Today's social issues that bother teenagers and bring them struggle [7:05]

How social media is impacting teenagers and how parents can find middle ground about it [9:24]

How academic pressure you put on your child might lead them into a downward spiral [15:14]

The concept of 'instant gratification' and its consequences [17:32]

Why kids take alcohol in secrecy and why we shouldn't crucify them for their mistakes [18:43]

The anxiety signs that indicate our child is thinking of taking their lives [22:16]

What is the wilderness therapy program and how does it help your child heal from their traumas [25:06]

The importance of having a community from school to church that supports you when you're going through a tough time with your teenager [30:03]

Why schools need to have entire departments dedicated to counseling and supporting students [32:48]

Understanding that your child is not perfect and learn to listen to the teacher or and the administrator when they know something you don't [35:25]

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