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The French Global Change Agent

Ep. 48 - Bruno Fulda is a Frenchman who is determined to bring real change on a global scale. He believes in regulated capitalism's interface with climate change and why fighting poverty and inequality are some of the most important issues today. He discusses how sustainable development will address some of the global major problems. He is a fellow in the American Academy of Housing which he got interested in after meeting the founder Mr. Kent Watkins.  Bruno is a Member of the High Council for Environment and Sustainable Development of France, which advises the French government on Ecology, Energy, Transportation, Sustainable Development, Climate, and Biodiversity. A French civil servant with financial, legal, and technical background, Mr. Fulda has had responsibilities in the fields of public affairs as well as the private sector. He started his career in line with his passion for aviation as an advisor to French Transport Ministers and then the chief economist and planner of an airline and is a pilot himself today.

Top Takeaways:

    • How people's different business cultures and behaviors have been translated from boardrooms to zoom calls
    • The importance of focusing and addressing the changes in the environment and pushing for sustainable development
    • The need for stronger governance and regulation as exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic
    • The beauty of the world where there's equality while building towards a utopian world

Listen in to learn the importance of pushing sustainable development even in countries like America that seem not to need it.

"Leaders today need to listen, decide then explain the decision and repeat." -Bruno Fulda

Being also passionate about international affairs, Mr. Fulda was Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Affairs of the French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Transport, Sustainable Development and the Sea and then, he headed the team that started a new international regional organization, the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona, oriented towards projects in Ecology, Transport, Energy, Business development, Education and Social affairs, in the Mediterranean area, as chief of staff to its General Secretary.

As Counselor for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and energy at the French embassy in Washington, responsible for the United of America and Canada, and in preparation for COP 21 (Paris 2015), Bruno, among other actions, produced and hosted the Forum of Communities for Urban Sustainability, or FOCUS 2015, at the Embassy. The two-day forum brought together 60 US and French mayors and 300 key decision makers to exchange ideas towards making cities more sustainable.

In June 2015, Bruno co-published in Paris a book with 20 French top economists including Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole and ex-Prime minister Michel Rocard, about climate and capitalism. His contribution focuses on the new US paradigm on Climate. He had previously published articles about air quality and global sustainability policies.

Learn about the relationship between capitalism and driving for real change.

 Key Moments:

He explains how he came to know and be appointed as a fellow in the American Academy of Housing even though he's French [2:41]

He describes the traumatic events that inspired him to escape and find passion in aviation and others of his passions [3:48]

Why he joined the civil aviation as a way to serve his fellow countrymen [5:35]

The protocols he has been using to carry out Zoom meetings with different senior people across the globe [8:46]

He explains when and how he developed an interest in taking care of the environment and a passion for offering equal chances to all people [10:18]

How he worked with big actors in sustainable development in the US and still believes in the country's capabilities in achieving those goals [14:00]

Why he is rooting for a global government which he believes the UN is the body to carry that forward [16:23]

The nonpolitical Mediterranean union that he worked with and what they worked on [18:48]

Why he considers working personally with needy people either emotionally or economically his greatest success story [20:40]

The effects of COVID-19 and the lessons that the world learned from the situation [22:44]

The relationship between capitalism and climate change and the need for regulated capitalism according to Bruno [27:22]

Why fighting poverty and inequality are some of the major challenges that are facing leaders today [35:37]

The utopia concept- why people should aim for happiness and burying international bridges [38:27]

Bruno mentions the three daring ways in which the young generation can use to approach successes [43:01]

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