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Business in the New Normal

Ep. 102 - The future is uncertain and unpredictable, just like nobody would have predicted COVID-19. But a successful B2B marketing expert like Christine Crandell knows all too well what will fail in the business world and what will excel, especially in what she refers to as "The New Normal." With more than 25 years of marketing and leadership experience, Christine Crandell, President at New Business Strategies, is a recognized B2B thought leader, advisor, speaker and author on enterprise marketing strategy and customer experience. She has created measurable value for over 100 business-to-business (B2B) private and public companies in North America, Australia and Europe as a recognized expert in customer experience, transformation and strategy.  Her clients realize, on average, 40 to 50 percent increases in revenue and ROI.

Top Takeaways:

    • Understanding the concept of business marketing and selling to other businesses
    • The power of utilizing our leadership skills as women in business without fear and with fairness
    • How to gain tenacity by viewing challenges as building materials to your growth
    • The six businesses best practices that are going to shift in the next coming years
    • Understanding the buyer pattern to create an effective sales funnel model

Listen in to hear the impactful insights about the future of businesses best practices- what will excel or not.

"As a woman in business you have to find your voice and know where you stand in terms of your style." -Christine Crandell


She is a frequent speaker and widely published in BusinessWeek, B2B Marketing, Investor Business Daily,,, and a blogger for Huffington Post, Forbes, CustomerTHINK and CMSWire.

Speaking at over thirty conferences, Christine shares her experience and insights on customer experience, enterprise technology, sales and marketing alignment and business strategy.

Christine's approach to marketing and strategy has led to recognition in 2014 as one of the top 50 influential people in Sales by SLMA, 2013 by MarketingProfs as one of three "B2B Luminary" finalists, 2012 as one of the top twenty women in Sales and Marketing by the SLMA and one of the top 15 leaders in social selling, and in 2010 one of Silicon Valley's Most Influential Women by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

Christine has published over 300 articles on strategy, customer experience, sales and marketing alignment. She is also the author of Sellers' Compass®, a time-proven methodology for operationalizing customer experience by aligning corporate strategy, culture, and technology.

Learn the importance of viewing challenges as opportunities to move forward in life as opposed to derailing you.

Key Moments:

Christine explains how growing up in a multicultural environment gave her the ability to see people's similarities as opposed to their differences [1:54]

She describes her interest in consulting and joining New Business Strategies to offer both her operational and strategy experience [2:42]

She explains the meaning of B2B marketing and why she's interested in it [4:05]

Some of the people that have influenced her success including her husband who believes in her strengths [5:26]

Why hurdles should be seen as opportunities to move forward in life [7:20]

The major business best practices and how they're going to be redefined tremendously in the coming decades [9:00]

What artificial intelligence is capable of doing and what is unrealistic [18:43]

The best sales funnel model to follow according to Christine [20:13]

She explains what the future of social media is and how it's going to change with how different generations want to communicate [22:38]

Christine describes her life's vision in the next 10 years in helping both professionally and at a personal level [24:12]



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