Purse Power Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration between Nan McKay Connects LLC and Purse Power. Donna Miller , CEO and Co-founder of Purse Power also has a passion for making a difference and driving positive change. Donna is focused on helping women, nationwide, to use their trillions of dollars of collective economic power to buy goods and services from companies that create, support and improve opportunities for women and girls. Donna is also a 3-time Journal Record Woman of the Year - 50 Making a Difference honoree (and Circle of Excellence Inductee in 2020) and is grateful to have been selected as one of the Oklahoma Hospitality Club's Ladies in the News and one of Journal Record's Oklahoma's Most Admired CEOs in 2020. Please look at her website and join those who want to promote equality by using their purchasing power. It's easy to put their app extension on your website!  We have it on ours!

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