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Faith-Based Power of Walking Afraid

Ep. 59 - Have you discovered the faith-based power of walking afraid? This is a how-to on moving past and finding the lesson. Have you learned how to live with a purpose? Sometimes life hands you pain and adversity and it's up to you to learn how to move past that and find the lessons in it. Meet Carnela Renee Hill, the owner of the CR Hill Design Group, which is the culmination of a journey out of corporate America and into her own business. In her book Walking Afraid, she details a path from hurt and rejection to independence. Whether it's mentoring school children, friends, or family members, her journey is about collecting and sharing blessings.

Top Takeaways:

    • The importance of always giving your all when working because someone's always watching
    • How to leverage an opportunity and expand through smart marketing strategies
    • The challenge of balancing between working in your business and on your business
    • Praying for the courage to overcome life's trials and hurt to emerge a winner
    • Learning to live with a purpose while blessing others

Listen in to learn how to leverage available opportunities and reap from them even after they're gone.

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"I never truly looked at design as ministry until one of my client shared with me, "When you came to my house, you helped me see things from a different perspective."-Carnela Renée Hill

Carnela Renee Hill is the CEO and Principal Designer of CR Hill Design Group. She is an award-winning interior designer, motivational speaker, coach, inspirational leader, business strategist, and political advisor. Carnela was a 2015 White House Decorator and guest on the HGTV White House Christmas special.  As a social media influencer with four podcast shows, Carnela has been identified in the Wall Street Journal as "one of the 111 most promising business leaders."

Carnela's book and Action Plan, Walking Afraid, helps you document your journey and face those hard areas that are holding you back.  It is a woman's journey from failure, hurt and rejection to faith, wisdom and triumph. Walking Afraid chronicles Carnela's journey from Corporate America to full time entrepreneurship, relationships and more. It explores her setbacks and successes, and how her Christian faith created a foundation for triumph. The tone is accessible and conversational. The book also has a separate workbook for the reader to document their own journey.

She is also a co-author of "The Fight" about women overcoming adversities and still standing strong.

Learn the importance of mentoring young people and passing along your experience and knowledge to prepare them for a better life journey.

Key Moments:

Carnela describes what she does in design and the places she has decorated for over 20 years [1:40]

She talks about the opportunity she got in 2015 to decorate the White House as part of the team during Christmas time [2:21]

The opportunities and doors that opened after working at White House plus the marketing strategies she utilized [3:41]

Carnela talks about her book 'Walking Afraid' which talks about walking in faith, overcoming the pain of rejection plus the financial secrets of entrepreneurship [4:54]

She talks about her father's rejection growing up and the good that came from that [7:36]

When her love of design started and later turned into a business as a graduate school part-time and later quitting a corporate job to pursue design full-time [10:18]

The challenge of operating cash to continue with business when seasons are slow and handling business administration [12:16]

She describes why helping mentor young girls and doing some huge jobs as some of the best moments of her life [14:33]

The emotional moments in her coaching career that she connected with people on different levels [15:44]

The emotional rollercoaster she went through when she sold her house and had to deal with bankruptcy at a time when she was dealing with a serious health condition without insurance [17:27]

She advises young women to set goals and manage their time in business and personal life [20:03]

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