Change One Word – Change Your World


omehow we've come to believe that being right is more important than listening to others. That a single truth exists, and our way is the only way.

They tell us that we're defending our rights and way of life. But perhaps they are wrong!

I believe that life doesn't exist in Black & White. But instead in shades of grey and glorious technicolor.

It's vitally important to remind us in our every single actions and reaction that we all have a choice.   You can choose to continue to think with division and black and white thinking, and you can choose to be the change, do things differently to create a more united world, by giving space for the glorious technicolour of humanity to blossom.

Boxed based behaviour that creates division and black and white thinking happens every time you put a statement towards a group of people. You see, each time you put people into boxes, you are manifesting the status quo into your day, and your future.

Everything you say as an example, that "women are caring, loving and collaborative" and that "men are strong, leaders and go-getters."

You are forcing this statement and manifesting this stereotyping on - EVERY SINGLE MAN AND EVERY SINGLE WOMAN ON THIS PLANET!

I'm pretty sure that you know (intellectually, rationally) that these statements don't apply to ALL people, right? So what can you do about it? If you want to live in a more united world, I've got some fantastic news to share with you! YOU can change this!

Change one word - and you change your world!

That word is SOME

SOME Women are caring, loving and collaborative - not all

SOME men are strong leaders and go-getters - not all

Each time you catch others placing people into boxes, correct yourself and others by adding:

    • You mean SOME...

Each time you catch yourself, placing people into boxes, correct yourself and say:

    • I meant to say SOME...

Be the change you want to see in your world.

3- steps you can take today!

    1. Spread the #SomeNotAll virus around the world
    2. Write your name on the WALL of UNITY
    3. Next time people put you into a box, say: 'Sorry, I think you've just put me into a box.'
    4. Next time YOU catch yourself putting another person into a box, say: 'Sorry, I think I just put you into a box'


#SomeNotAll #DiscussTheRealIssue #NoMoreBoxes #BeTheChange


Rúna Magnúsdóttir, life & leadership coach & mentor, helping leaders, creators and politicians to building their brand with integrity, harmony and joy.

Co-Creator - the antidote to division and black and white thinking.

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