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When I started my business in 1985, my first flyer said "Are You Tired Of Giving Flowers, When You Wanted Something More?" and explained what a gift basket was. Although giving food as a gift has been popular in many cultures for years and years, bringing creativity, personalization, beauty,  and sophistication to gifts of this type was a fairly new idea. Offering both tantalizing gourmet items, fine chocolates, spa products, and corporate gift items, and creating a gift assortment specially selected for each recipient, was a real hit. We sent out the flyers, and the phone started ringing with orders from corporate clients. They were excited to offer gifts to clients and employees that were unique and different.

When I went to my first big gift shows, I was treated very poorly by many of the big vendors. When I said I did gift baskets, they said they only sold to large stores, and that I wouldn't be able to meet their minimum orders, then turned their back on me to speak to someone they deemed a more desirable prospect.

Now gift baskets have become a big industry and I get solicited constantly to buy products from the very companies that turned their back on me all those years ago. Now there is a National Gift Basket Association, Gourmet companies are designing their products to appeal to the gift basket professionals, and when I go to a gift show, the vendors serve me lunch or dinner, wine, offer samples, and show me they would value my business. And they should, because the gift basket industry gives them a huge amount of business!

I started with a small shop and a few designs. Now we are known for the way we can create a gift to match any personality, theme, occasion or event. We like to create gifts that are upscale and unique. We have been very busy during the Pandemic, helping people stay connected and stay in touch. We are doing lots of themed Virtual Happy Hour baskets, and other employee gifts.  Also popular are gifts to celebrate birthdays, weddings, new babies, Anniversaries, friendship, and gifts that lift people's spirits and make them feel special. The Best To You works mostly with Realtors, corporate clients and the Hospitality Industry, and also with anyone that wants to arrange a special gift for any occasion. We also create donation boxes of grab and go goodies for Doctors and Nurses on the front line.

I love being in a business that can deliver grand displays of appreciation, comfort, celebration, love, warm wishes, fun and excitement.

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