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"Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!?" Hell, No!

Beth Cole Ep. 6 - Beth Cole is a fireball . . . always has been, always will be. As she says in her podcast, "Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!  Hell, No!" Beth Cole's history of activism and social change dates back to the 1950's and 1960's to the presidential campaigns of Bobby Kennedy and George McGovern, both of which she worked on. When John Kennedy became President, women' role was primarily in the home, and racial segregation was a fact of the times. She credits the birth control pill for women being able to join the workforce in more significant roles. This demonstrated commitment caught the attention of McGovern's campaign coordinator, Frank Mankiewicz, such that when he assumed the position of president, NPR, the federally financed radio network of news, public affairs, and cultural programming for much of America, he brought Beth on with him. Beth was Special Assistant to the President and Director of Development of NPR.  Her life has been focused around diversity, culture, and empowering women.

Top Takeaways:

    • How president John Kennedy changed America's world in diversity, culture, and thinking
    • How women actively volunteered in political campaigns and organizations in the 1960s and earlier but it began to change in the 1970s
    • Stop worrying about a position and instead stand up and do what needs to be done
    • The lessons of gentleness you can learn from doing super gentle yoga
    • The importance of knowing your history, following your heart, and being a better listener than a talker
    • Listen in to learn about the significant strides that have been made in empowering women at the workplace since the 1950s to now.

"Knowing your history is important. Following your heart is guidance. Be a better listener than a talker." -Beth Cole

Beth Cole was President and CEO of the National Women's Business Center in Washington D.C., a program started by the Small Business Administration. The Center trained over 10,000 women business owners in starting, merging, and franchising businesses.

She established her own business, Beth Cole and Associates, specializing in management and marketing consulting. She offered consulting services as a speaker, a coach, and a workshop leader. She was one of just a few coaches focused on aging well, discussing an array of cutting-edge topics and providing guidance on how to live life with energy and optimism.

As a follow-up to her podcast, she is now 83 years old and is teaching a gentle yoga class every Wednesday on Zoom. I remember her riding in the back seat of a sports car and was amazed as she bounded out of the back seat. No question - I need that yoga class! And she is still living her life with energy and optimism as an 83 year old fireball can!

You will also learn how super gentle yoga teaches you to improve monumentally in your movements and physical wellbeing gently as it fits you not as you fit in.

Key Moments:

Beth talks about how she voted for John Kennedy during her first time voting in the presidential election and how that election change America's culture [0:55]

The significance of the assassinations of President John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Senator Bobby Kennedy in the 1960s [5:22]

How the birth control pill changed women and their view on the world [7:58]

Beth describes her role as a volunteer in the political campaigns of George McGovern [11:23]

She talks about her many roles in the NPR during her radio days especially as a woman [14:30]

Why Beth is still teaching yoga at 82 years after years of being a student [16:28]

How Beth helped train over ten thousand women starting or growing businesses of up to $40 million a year at the National Women's Business Center [20:49]

Beth advises younger people to think more about others by being better listeners [22:44]

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