Nan McKay Connects Team: The Bridge to 2021


Happy New Year from the Nan McKay Connects Team! Has there ever been a year you have been happier to toss out the door? We are ready to cross the bridge to 2021! For those of us who are retired/refired, we are sequestering and waiting for the vaccine. The podcasts have been a life-saver for those of us who are full or borderline workaholics. We have loved connecting with all of you and planning what else we can do to bring you interviews with ordinary girls and boys who went on to become women and men with extraordinary achievements. Our mission is to be a key influencer and mentor to people still in the workplace and encountering the same barriers. We have lots of new and exciting adventures planned for 2021! Please subscribe to our website and to our new YouTube channels so you are kept up-to-date with new events, new faces, and new voices.

Nan and DeeDee and our NMC Team from around the world wish you the best in 2021! Abby from Jamaica; Tess and Keziah from Africa; Kent, Karel, Shawn, David, Debbie and Donna from the U.S., Jonathan from France, and Qaswar from Pakistan. And you, the listeners.

It takes a village to bring you the quality, quantity and variety that are key to our success.

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