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By Debbie Feinberg

I recently heard a quote that really resonated with me:  "No one likes to drink from stagnant waters."

The specific context is not as important as the universal message it delivers:  lifelong learning is truly important.  Here are three reminders of why this is so critical.

  1. No one has all the answers, including me.  Often, I have struggled with the fact I am hired to be that expert and to know what's best in a professional situation.  While I absolutely have a great perspective based on my years of experience, I can always learn from others.  Hearing new perspectives and incorporating their experiences into mine only enriches the advice I offer.  This is not to say that I fall into what we call "analysis paralysis," but I think being thoughtful and hearing different points of view provides us with new lenses from which we might view a challenge.
  2. Growth comes from tackling hard problems. Getting the hard assignments from an employer or client is sometimes scary, and as women, we often are overly concerned about how much we do not know about the particular area instead of just digging in and working on the problem.  We often (much has been written on the subject) don't even take the assignment because we feel we don't know "enough."  Do I ask for help?    Do I approach the opportunity with a view of "I can understand and accomplish this," - more so in the most recent year where I have re-launched my consulting business.  And by the way - It feels good!
  3. You CAN take it with you. Well, at least as you move to the next challenge facing you or a client in business.  And beyond that, the example we provide to our families, communities as well as business associates as to our willingness to be vulnerable, conquer our fears and apply what we have learned to new situation is incredibly valuable.  We each are role models to someone - I strive to be a positive one.

If you know anyone who is seeking a partner in helping identify ways to make a greater impact for a  non-profit or for-profit company, I welcome referrals and look forward to connecting.

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