Scary times for 2021

Yikes! 2021?

Scary times for 2021

By Nan McKay -

As you watched the TV, did you say, "Yikes! 2021? I thought 2020 was bad!" 2021 is starting off with some scary scenes and events!  Most of us are trying to stand strong and stay safe and keep saying, "This too will pass." Several of the guests I have interviewed have had COVID and come out OK so far, so that is hopeful. But they all were younger - under 60. I am definitely going to get the vaccine as soon as I can, not that it will be the "cure" but maybe I can relax a bit - and stay sequestered. And always wear my mask if I have to venture out.

Most people have learned how to cope with the turmoil around us and know there will not be a normal like we have had in the past. People talk about "the new normal" but no one really knows what that will look like.

The Nan McKay Connects Team will continue to bring you "ordinary women, extraordinary achievements" on TrailBlazers Impact Podcast and "oral history of housing and communities" on the Community TrailBlazers Podcast. This week our TBI featured guest is Clare Price. She is also a blog poster - and an author and gives us many "how to" tips. Our CT featured guest is Lynn Sagalyn who explains how cities are built and redeveloped and endeavors to de-mystify the politics and planning process surrounding large-scale development projects and their impact on the physical fabric of cities. Next week I'll tell you about some brand new endeavors we are rolling out!

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