How to Create Positive Culture Through Improvisation: Vanessa Elle Wilde


Embrace Play to Relieve Stress

Ep. 64 - Vanessa Elle Wilde helps entrepreneurs with self-confidence, creativity, collaboration, and self-expression through Improvisation. Listen to her new podcast show, Blooped. Blooped is a podcast interview series about people who have broken the chains of tyranny - from oppressive regimes, religious cults, abuse, you name it. They laugh, cry and everything in between as they explore how these individuals dared to create a life on their own terms.

Top Takeaways:

    • The value of alleviating teams' stress and reconnecting them with each other in a fun way
    • How to use your creativity to find your voice and start a new career chapter
    • Why you should dare to suck by showing up and taking that risk
    • The importance of having the right mindset to move forward by showing up for yourself and having mentorship


"Entrepreneurship is one of the most intense personal growth journeys that you will ever go on, it's not just about money. It's about your own growth and potential: tribe, mentorship, being open to growth and finding women on the same journey you're on." -Vanessa Elle Wilde

Key Moments

How Vanessa's company O. Improv focuses on creating positive company culture, cohesion, and connection among teams [2:14]
How they use 'play' to refresh teams' strengths and talents, which is particularly healthy when an organization is changing [2:49]
Vanessa explains how her personal burnout and ability to come up with solutions led to starting her business [4:00]
The benefits of yoga that Vanessa has experienced, plus her interest in silent discos [6:06]
The challenge of finding her space in the marketplace plus how she broke even by finding her 'tribe' [7:31]
She explains why and how the decision to take the Improv class changed her life [8:55]
She talks about a business that she failed at and how it taught her to dare to fail and risk [10:56]
She describes her contribution as showing up and trusting herself without second-guessing [13:19]
Why choosing to have her son was the best and the most gratifying decision she's made this far [15:44]
How she became flexible and fluid being a mother and a working woman [17:34]
How 'play' offers people the platform to express all their different personalities in ways not present in their daily life [19:53]
How life's struggles made Vanessa resilient and stretched her ability to forgive [22:50]
She advises young people to trust themselves with what they want and to continue with 'play' [24:03]


Vanessa's approach to life's challenges and stresses is to reignite your creativity with play. She gives you her recipes which include hot yoga, silent discos, and fires on the beach with your girlfriends. And to remember there's always a chance for failure and that's OK. Her company's mission is to unlock clients' potential with improv, helping businesses achieve happier and healthier teams. With women's groups, she uses the power of play to foster greater confidence, self-trust, and deeper connections with others.


O. Improv is an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with self-confidence, creativity, collaboration, and self-expression through Improvisation. Her experience includes a B.S. in Marketing and over 15 years of speaking, coaching, facilitation, and adaptation of applied improvisation techniques for personal and professional development. Vanessa's approach to improv training allows participants to discover and break through the things that hold them back and fully step into their creative and collaborative selves in a safe and fun environment.


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