How to Start a Niche Business without Fear: Rosemarie Harris

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Start with Something You're Good At that People Need

Ep. 63 - Rosemarie Harris - Have you ever thought about leaving a big corporation and starting your own niche business, striking out on your own - without fear? Rosemarie Harris did just that! She has a powerful business in a very niche consulting market related to a requirement of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She knew she was good at something that people need. She shows us how you can leverage something you are good at into a thriving business.

Top Takeaways:

    • The importance of having support when starting a business to help make things much easier for you
    • How to teach your children the value of work ethic which they'll carry as they go lead their lives
    • Understanding how a supervisor has the power to grow or suppress your career
    • How to utilize the available tools like social media to start and grow your business
    • Why your boss is not your friend but someone you can learn from
    • The importance of women supporting each other in their careers and businesses


"I look at everything this way: what is the simplified way to do this?" -Rosemarie Harris

Key Moments

Rosemarie Harris speaks on the challenges of working for a huge company, and the lessons she learned from having many bosses [0:32]
She explains why she left the big corporation to start her own business after their mission changed [2:43]
The process of starting her business, which was due to perseverance and having the right support [4:33]
Rosemarie cites her mom as her biggest influence in entrepreneurship and work ethic [6:09]
How she managed to balance motherhood and work before starting her business [9:20]
She describes moments when she was made to feel uncomfortable at the workplace [10:51]
She advises young women to be patient with their careers growths and be active to know what changes are happening [17:06]
The importance of having streamlined processes to be effective within an organization [18:35]
The challenges of marriage and how to overcome them to stay on the same page [19:17]
Why she would like to keep expanding her business and work with people she used to work with [22:20]
She advises her younger self to not take it personally from non-supportive people [22:46]
She explains why she regrets not starting her businesses earlier, plus why she loves controlling it [23:48]
Rosemarie advises you to start small when starting a business and with what you know [24:27]


Rosemarie Harris is Owner and Principal of Secured Systems Consulting, LLC. She has been providing her expertise to affordable housing for over 25 years.

Prior to starting her consulting business, she was the Director over Transaction Services and tasked with liason with HUD Headquarters and HUD Field Offices on Regulatory matters and was responsible for completing HUD Due Diligence items for complex property transactions and mergers. Her primary focus was managing the largest HUD 2530 report in the nation for companies such as AIMCO, Insignia, NHP, Casden, Oxford, etc.

Rosemarie was selected by HUD Headquarters and served as a key contributor to develop the HUD 2530 APPS system. This experience provided her with an unmatched depth of knowledge from an owner/agent perspective.

She has developed a team of seasoned professionals that complete the HUD 2530 application and the Due Diligence checklist items. They serve both Multifamily and the Office of Resident Care on any FHA insured mortgage product.

She has dealt with the Office of Inspector General, HUD Headquarters, and Local Field Offices to resolve the most challenging administrative sanctions and 2530 flags a company could face.



She was the recipient of the Aimco Capital Shining Star Award as an employee.



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