How to Support Learners with Special Needs: Linda Vines Bright


Every Child Is a Magnificent Individual

Ep. 66 - Linda Vines Bright  is passionate about supporting learners with special needs, using her methods to address and support many different learning styles. Linda Bright shares her childhood start and lifelong commitment to advancing her brand of global activism in order to meet the learning needs of children identified as "different". Learn the importance of listening carefully to children to understand their individualized needs and learning styles. Linda Vines Bright also underscores the importance of teachers and parents demonstrating love and compassion to children for them to believe in their abilities to be great. As she says, "Every child is a magnificent individual."

Key Takeaways:

    • How to listen more to children to learn the smartest things
    • How to express love and compassion towards your child to encourage them to be great
    • The importance of individualizing education for every child as a teacher

"When I look at the history of the children that have worked with me, because children have very vivid imaginations and very creative natures, I believe they have taught me more than I ever taught them. Simply because they ask the kind of questions normal adults might discount as frivolous."
-Linda Vines-Bright

In this episode you'll discover:

Linda explains how her childhood influences shaped her to become a special children teacher [2:00]
How she encourages children to ask questions and fulfill their creative minds [7:03]
The private early childhood education school Linda started in the early 70s in California [11:16]
The importance of parents and teachers showing children love and their ability to be great [19:03]
Linda explains how she met and married her husband of 40 years after just 10 days [24:32]
The holistic global education that they're focusing on in the US and some West African states [32:13]
She describes a partnership food program they're involved with Ghana [36:51]
Understanding sickle cell anemia disease and who it can affect [39:48]
Linda advises special needs educators to be mindful of their teaching styles to engage all children [42:37]


Linda Vines Bright has devoted her career to children. She's passionate about supporting learners with special needs, using her methods to address and support many different learning styles.

As a child she was very active, quickly finishing her work and wanting to help other students - but this behavior at the time was considered disruptive. When building out her career she wanted to support children through holistic education practices and helping children feel loved and listened to, which makes a major difference in their education.

Her work has also gone overseas, helping women in Ghana to build sustainable energy systems and develop better food preservation strategies. It comes back to children - all are magnificent, and deserve an education that works for them.


Linda Vines-Bright, Creative Principle at The Virtuoso Group International, is a product of the Oakland Bay area, a "displaced" Minnesotan with midwest values, and a global citizen who feels a deep connection to every place she has lived and visited.

In her childhood She recognized that she was The child that marched to the beat of a different drummer - because she "hears" a different drumbeat.

An entrepreneur at age 28, Linda established a school devoted to identifying the learning styles of children that did not fit the traditional classroom model of teaching and defining a range of teaching methods that earned her career-long recognition in meeting the needs of children identified as autistic to those who were labeled "genius". She later took her research and methods to a global agenda targeting the learning needs of children in west Africa nations.


Even in "retirement" she quickly describes herself as a woman who is now re-wired (not retired) and prepared to pursue her global change agenda Until She Just Can't!

In a lighter tone she shares her strategy for identifying and securing the lifelong mate she hoped for, "meeting Him" and marrying him 10 days later with 45 years, two sons and two grandsons to their credit. "Who says such a quick courtship can't possibly last?" she asks.




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