Money Talks but What’s It Saying? Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager


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Ep. 136 - Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager discuss women's issues and discovering who you are and what you want. We want money to have THINGS but is it what makes us happy? Be entertained during this transformative journey. Listen in to learn how to use this pandemic period to ask yourself the right questions about your inner self to discover who you truly are. You will also learn the importance of women embracing and supporting each other to demonstrate their power and bring change in different areas.

Key Takeaways:

    • How the world has forced us to question who we're from the inside during the pandemic
    • How to own your femininity and embrace and support other women
    • Learn to have self-compassion and genuine support for yourself to overcome impostor syndrome
    • The power of asking yourself the right questions to transform the way you think about money
    • How to practice gratitude and a positive attitude with your mind and body

In this episode you'll discover:

Lucie describes her love for music, moving to Hawaii from Germany, and meeting Marcia [3:04]
Marcia describes her moving to Hawaii, her writing journey and meeting Lucie [4:27]
Why they wrote the show Money Talks: But What the Hell is it Saying plus its self-worth impact [7:48]
How to reconnect and question your inner self during the pandemic when things are falling apart [9:17]
The importance of bringing women together to support each other in doing good [13:36]
Learning to heal your inner child to heal yourself and connect with other women [16:00]
Lucie explains how you can focus on the good things in life without focusing on money [21:43]
The importance of positively embracing your life with gratitude and abundance [27:47]
Marcia and Lucie describe the future of their show Money Talks: But What the Hell is it Saying [33:39]
They advise you to ask yourself empowering questions to learn who you truly are [36:01]


Lucie Lynch and Marica Zing Mager are the CEOs of Love Love Money Money LLC, a Hawaii-based edutainment company. They are also the playwriters, composers, lyricists, and performers of Money Talks: But What the Hell Is It Saying- an award-winning two-women musical about self-worth that's been applauded as a Ted Talk meets Broadway musical. They've published two books and are very inspired by the transformative message of the books.

Lucie Lynch is a 43 years old singer-songwriter from Germany with an international following whose music has touched thousands of lives. Marcia Zina Mager is a 66 years old international bestselling author and poet whose work has been translated into many languages.

Donna Miller is the founder and CEO of Purse Power, Let’s Share the Journey. Purse Power promotes women led, women owned businesses by providing a Google extension which allows everyone who visits your website to locate nearby businesses. Let’s Share the Journey holds calls at 10 AM Central every Friday to learn from national leaders to share expertise, ideas and support. One week a month features Zoom Room networking. We support Donna’s endeavor and have provided the speaker calls in a podcast format. Please join her on Friday mornings! You can register for the calls here.


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