The War Against Organized Crime: George Dapra


Love in the Old Country

Ep. 20 Bonus - George Dapra has first-hand experience as a United States Marshal in the battle against the Organized Crime Syndicate and al Qaeda. It is as compelling as it is engaging. He starts with love in the old country and takes you through the civil rights era to the war against organized crime over two episodes. In his first episode, George narrates his fascinating life journey- from childhood to the many phases of his career. Listen in to learn about the division that existed during the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. You will also learn the differences between the many security agencies that exist within the US government.  In his second episode, George shares his recollection of his role as an inspector with the United States Marshal's Witness Security Program and the many cases he was involved with. Listen in to learn who is eligible as a witness that can be protected by the Witness Security Program. You will also learn how George got involved protecting a key witness testifying against al Qaeda.


Take a wild ride with former Witness Security Inspector George Dapra for a rare, insider's look into the Witness Security Program. In this compelling human event story, Dapra takes us on a fascinating life journey, beginning with his childhood growing up in a large Italian-American family with immigrant parents who met in the "old country" of Sicily, Italy. From the military, college, and employment at the world-famous Hotel Plaza, Dapra shares vignettes of all life's emotions. See the SHOP page at for his book, Non-Disclosure.

Key Takeaway: How to get over the pain of being scorned by bettering your life through education

In this episode you'll discover:

George narrates the interesting love story of his Italian parents and his childhood experiences [2:07]
He talks about the turbulence and division in America during the civil rights movement era [7:34]
The time when people were antimilitary and how it negatively affected mental health [9:33]
The first time George experienced up and close with a dead person [14:12]
He talks about the history and power of the United States Marshal Service plus his role in it [17:57]
The role of an inspector of the United States Marshal Service [21:56]
The power war between different US security agencies like FBI, CIA, and the Homeland security [24:36]
George describes what 40 Foley means [27:41]

"Life if divided into light and darkness and, if you are in one, you're not in the other. -George Dapra


The climax is Dapra's employment as an Inspector with the United States Marshal's Witness Security Program in New York City-at the height of the government's war against organized crime. Dapra also describes other protective details including the much-publicized Elian Gonzalez case. Non-Disclosure is the first sneak peek authorized by the United States Department of Justice into the secret government program.

Key Takeaways:

    • Understanding the inner workings of the US Witness Security Program
    • The importance of writing a book with the recollection of your life and career for your future generations

In this episode you'll discover:

George's role in producing witnesses while working with the Witness Security Program [0:39]
How he dealt with some Italian mobs considering he's Italian himself [3:27]
He explains how witnesses were protected back in the day and how they're protected today [4:36]
How and why a witness may be relocated and would be willing to cooperate truthfully [10:12]
Why the US witness program protected Italian witnesses and still do oftentimes [15:00]
He describes the witness security protection application process [24:07]
The reasons why relocated witnesses find it hard to settle into a new life [28:28]
The different scenarios that can happen to witnesses who fail the witness security program [31:40]
George explains the drama and the fear that witnesses experience in court [32:12]
He recalls the John Gandy case, plus the Colombo crime family war [35:11]
Understanding the case and witness protection of Wallstreet swindler Ivan Boesky [36:56]
He explains his involvement in a key al Qaeda witness protection [38:25]

YouTube Videos: Parts 1 and 2

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