Financial Literacy Month Featured Guests


This week our Financial Literacy spotlights are Gina Goree Hitchens and Karen Jenkins. This month we are spotlighting those guests we interviewed who help you with your finances in one way or another.

Gina Goree Hitchens. Gina is particularly passionate about inspiring women toward financial confidence. Listen here to learn the importance of starting your holistic financial planning early for retirement and financial challenges. You will also learn a few tips on how to separate your personal credit from your business credit as a new entrepreneur. Contact Gina on her website GHG Financial Consulting Website.


Karen Jenkins leads KRJ Consulting clients to experience growth through her guiding concept of synergy leadership.

Can a personal finance book be informative and yet reader friendly? In "Nobody Told Me!" Karen R. Jenkins captivates you in her second book by sharing her experiences in personal finances while introducing you to a new world of financial empowerment. "Nobody Told Me!" was written to inspire you to change your thoughts about your personal finances. It presents a holistic approach to reaching financial goals by providing resources and a user-friendly plan to get you started on the path to financial wealth."Nobody Told Me!" The Path to Financial Empowerment is a must read for everyone. Read more about her here and contact her on her website KRJ Consulting Website.

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