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Ep. 154 - Lori Henkel is currently the Global Response Executive for Bank of America, supporting employees, clients, and communities during times of crisis. She has 24+ years of influential leadership experience, 15+ years global HR experience, and a passion for building new teams and functions from design to execution. In this episode, Lori talks about her role in supporting Bank of America’s stakeholders, especially during the pandemic.

Listen in to learn the importance of creating a human connection with your employees and clients and supporting them at a personal level. You will also learn how to embrace and acknowledge change at the workplace whether positive and negative.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to support employees get better in their fields and get satisfaction in what they do
  • How to lead locally for clients, community, and employees as a business
  • How to embrace and acknowledge the positives and negatives of change in the work environment
  • How to create a human connection with your employees and clients as a leader during the pandemic
  • Learn how to give yourself permission to manage your priorities without guilt
  • Find a small activity that will help you take care of your mental wellness

"To support any significant change, you need to take time to think through who your stakeholders are and what impact they are experiencing as a result of that change." -Lori Henkel

In this episode you’ll discover:

The professional and personal background of Lori Henkel plus her role at BoA [1:30]

The life events services team that BoA set up to support their employees personally [8:00]

The importance of women supporting women plus learning how to balance family and work [15:09]

The different programs and ways that BoA supports women entrepreneurs and leaders [20:18]

How they handled the Covid pandemic for the employees, clients, and the community [25:00]

The importance of physically and mentally preparing for change for a better work environment [35:06]

The resources BoA is providing to help you be a better leader during the pandemic [41:43]

The three different things that Lori hopes you have gotten from this interview [45:19]

How Bank of America has developed a diverse, equity, and inclusive employee culture [48:38]

The best resource to connect with Bank of America as a small business owner [51:15]

The state-of-the-art programs that BoA uses to help support domestic violence victims [53:18]



Lori is the Charlotte Market executive at Bank of America leading the Charlotte market team responsible for enabling and delivering company resources and expertise to our Charlotte community, clients and employees.

Since March, Lori has been leading the Enterprise-wide Coronavirus Task Force supporting Bank of America employees, clients, and communities with impacts related to Covid-19. ⠀

Prior to being named Charlotte Market executive, Lori designed, built, and led the Global Human Resources Life Event Services (LES) team, which helps employees and their families manage significant life events.

Additionally, Lori led the Employee Relations managers, consultants, and advisors who provide consultation on complex issues related to performance, policy and conduct.


Lori currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage and the Joe Martin ALS Foundation.


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