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First Hispanic Female in the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame

Ep. 37 – Elsie Escobar - From teaching yoga to podcasting yoga classes, Elsie is a woman icon in podcasting with 4 shows including She Podcasts! With a background in acting, she transitioned successfully into a different medium and works for Libsyn hosting company. She discusses her challenges in immigrating from El Salvador, especially dealing with loud noises that sounded like gunshots or helicopters overhead. Being ridiculed for her inability to speak English, she was afraid of letting her voice be heard. Elsie talks about raising her children through scary internet access. She was in an emotionally abusive relationship for 15 years and talks about the effects of gaslighting on self-esteem and feeling there is no “out.” In this episode, Elsie discusses how the ridicule she experienced in childhood shaped who she became. Listen in to learn how to spot gaslighting in a relationship and walk away if you have to before it’s too late. You will also learn the importance of using your voice to share your story and impact others.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use your voice as your power to share your story
  • How to use podcasting as a tool for personal transformation
  • Developing interpersonal communication skills to have a challenging conversation with people you relate with

"I never truly looked at design as ministry until one of my client shared with me, "When you came to my house, you helped me see things from a different perspective."-Carnela Renée Hill

In this episode you’ll discover:

Elsie explains how she fell in love with podcasting and started with yoga classes [0:33]

She describes her 4 podcasts including She Podcasts- a women-centered lifestyle podcast [4:35]

The little memories that empowered Elsie to be who she is without seeing them as obstacles [8:15]

Why language barrier became her biggest hurdle as an immigrant [10:52]

How she learned to use her voice and speak up in her own life [13:42]

How she’s inspired by podcasting, particularly a new show aimed for 10-year-old girls [16:16]

Why the availability of technology to her 10-year-old daughter is her greatest fear [18:58]

Elsie’s experience being in an emotionally manipulative relationship [22:47]

The meaning of gaslighting in a relationship and the damage it causes [24:08]

The character skills she hopes her daughters will eventually learn to have [33:06]


After a successful career in acting, Elsie Escobar discovered a new passion for podcasting and now considers herself a “die-hard podcast junkie.” As the host of four podcasts including She Podcasts, she works for Libsyn, a podcast hosting company, and is a mother of two children.

A ten-year-plus veteran in the industry and inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. She co-runs She Podcasts, a podcast and podcasting community for women with over 12k members. She is Libsyn’s Community Manager and producer/co-host of The Feed with Rob Walch. Her latest endeavor is Sobre Podcasting a podcast whose mission is to inform, inspire and connect the Spanish-speaking podcasting community.


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