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By Candace Keith

(V)oice. (I)nner Peace. (P)urpose. In being a former Preacher’s wife, I had lost them. As little girls, we love our voices. We hold talkative tea parties and chat all night on the phone with our friends, our shrill screams pierce the air when we play and we can cry louder and longer than any boy.

What happens as women when our voices are silenced? We no longer hold parties or interact with our friends. We don't allow ourselves to play and we cry in silence; invisible to our partners and the world. As a Preacher's wife, I experienced Church Hurt and decided to remain quietly in place, feeling isolated and invalidated. This was my Story.

The tragedy of this quietude is that others suffer from the absence of your GIFTS and Purpose. The young girls who need to learn the grace of womanhood and how to choose a mate wisely, learn to say NO, govern their bodies, are left without you.

This was my Story until I owned what happened to me, and decided to make a small pivot toward myself by making new choices and intentional moves, by Faith. I had endured adversity in ministry, but I was never mad at God.

One day, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. I had no sense of self-worth and had effectively silenced my own power. It was at that moment, I made a new decision, with my Voice. I started sharing my Truth. My Story and Purpose began to emerge. People were helped.

Then, the most amazing thing happened! I shared my Story with the right audience and made $32,000 in less than two weeks. I realized that my Story was not just for me, it was meant to help others AND I could monetize it!

I’d been in the Entrepreneurial space before, but only with tangible products. To know I could show up, speak, and that people would pay for the value of my expertise and vulnerability, was mind-bending.

I have since monetized my Voice on Social Media. I am Loud & Proud in the online marketplace, which is a lot to say since I am a person with introverted tendencies. I realized who I had to become, an omnivert, in order to best live my ideal life and serve my ideal clients with excellence.

I am now maximizing Social Media platforms to tell my Story. My Facebook is fast becoming my Bankbook and my newly empowered Voice has opened limitless possibilities for my business pursuits.

CLUBHOUSE is my favorite new App. It is an invite-only, audio platform where people can connect and scale personally and professionally. I call it the ’Wally World’ for introverts. With a pic and a bio you can effortlessly gain like-minded followers and host meetings in your pandemic wardrobe, pajamas.

My empowered Voice has led me to be Certified & BRANDED as an Evidence-Based /Spiritual/ Life Coach and a PAID Master Moderator on CLUBHOUSE, curating and running Events for Clients.

My first book is ready for pre-order, entitled, The Preacher’s Wife, “Overcoming Church Hurt,” The 1st Authoritative Collection of Ministry Scandal Survivor Stories.

There are several contributing writers joining me in this publication who are excited to reconnect their Voices and have the opportunity to share their stories.

A woman who heals herself heals her mother. Heals her daughter. Heals every woman around her. -African Proverb

The Preacher's wife deserves to fulfill her Purpose, design an Ideal Life and LIVE it! as the blessed example, God intended for her to be. Your ideal future begins with your Voice. I blend Spiritual Discipline and Evidence-Based Strategies for 1st Ladies of Ministry who experience Church Hurt when they are ready to reconnect their Voice and Divine Purpose.

Candace Keith

Spiritual Life Coach

PAID Master Moderator

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