Mayor Angela Birney Appoints Neelam Chalia to Redmond City Commission

Neelam Chalia

Our TBI guest, Neelam Chalia, former Mrs. Washington America was selected to serve on the board of The Arts and Culture Commission. She is pictured with the Mayor Angela Birney of the City of Redmond, WA.

Neelam will be leading efforts to further the Vision for Arts & Culture Commission of Redmond. She believes The Arts and Culture Commission is a catalyst for the arts, and she will work on advancing the roles of the arts in the lives of individuals and communities not only in Redmond but throughout the state. (This is a voluntary non-profit position)

Neelam is the recipient of the University Gold Medal by the President of India for outstanding academic achievement I National Young Scientist Award. (I have found her to be a kind and caring person who is very smart and well educated! Nan)

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