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Ep. 190 - Justin Batt is on a mission to end the cycle of fatherlessness through events and experiences. He created a Daddy Saturday platform which has turned into a movement to help fathers around the globe be intentional and engaged with their children, to change the next generation, and end fatherlessness. In addition, he is an associate book publisher and has established both a for-profit and a nonprofit around Daddy Saturday. He also does a podcast, Daddy Saturday, and, in his spare time, he manages a farm. In this episode, Justin talks about his purpose of speaking on fatherlessness and how he’s working to help dads navigate their dads’ journey. Listen in to learn the importance of intentionally making time to spend with your children as a father. You will also learn the importance of learning about your purpose so you can work hard and be a trailblazer in it.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to be intentional with the time you have with your kids to make the most out of it
  • The importance of teaching your children and modeling how to properly use technology
  • How to get out of your comfort by overcoming obstacles to become stronger
  • How to identify your purpose and recognize how you can be a trailblazer with it

"Sometimes in life, we face obstacles every day. Sometimes the obstacles are hard and heavy, and we have to learn how to overcome those obstacles. When you draw back on those hill moments in your life, you will recognize that you can overcome anything that comes in your life." -Justin Batt 

In this episode you’ll discover:

Justin explains the fatherlessness epidemic across the globe and its consequences [1:09]

He shares how his own experiences as a dad gave rise to Daddy Saturday [2:57]

How to step up and show up as a dad within the time you have [5:22]

Justin on how he has intentionally set time with his kids and how they manage it effectively [7:11]

How he and his wife establish discipline and qualities to set their children up for adulthood [12:22]

The media distribution channels they use to reach dads and kids [13:48]

He explains the strategy they’re using to fund the organization’s operations [16:10]

How he was able to expand Daddy Saturday globally specifically to Kenya [17:49]

He talks about his farm The True South Farm, and how they’re using it for the good [19:14]

How he uses his unique abilities as a connector to trailblaze in the publishing industry [21:04]

How he got into TEDx and the experience it was for him [22:04]

Why he wrote his book Daddy Saturday to help other fathers learn and become better [24:12]

Justin on how he has learned to get out of his comfort zone and become better [25:36]

The three things that Justin hopes you can adopt and be empowered [29:25]


Justin Batt is Chief Dad Officer of Daddy Saturday LLC. As a father of four children with an entrepreneurial wife who worked almost every Saturday, Justin quickly found himself alone, overwhelmed, and outnumbered on Saturdays. He woke up one Saturday ready to make a change and armed with a game plan to engage his children in an intentional way.  A trampoline, a GoPro, and 500 water balloons resulted in an incredible day with my children and he knew he was on to something special. His kids began asking on Wednesday, “Hey Dad, what’s the plan for Saturday?”.  That has morphed into a book, a worldwide movement, and multiple non-profit efforts.

Justin is Founder of Daddy Saturday Foundation. The Daddy Saturday Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, has a goal to impact 10 million father’s in the next 10 years and end fatherlessness. The four primary domestic outreach platforms include the National Guard, Incarcerated Fathers, Opportunity Zones, and First Responders. Through events, digital products, and the Daddy Saturday Dad Box, the foundation supports a diverse range of fathers across the U.S. The foundation also has an international outreach including a Fatherhood Fellow program. Daddy Saturday Kenya is restoring fatherhood across Kenya and Africa. In 2021, the foundation will be launching KidBOSS the world's largest virtual coaching platform for kids with absentee fathers. Our network of DadBOSS coaches will be serving as father figures for these deserving kids. KidBOSS will also include 3-day intensives on True South Farm for 40 kids in 2021.

As Associate Publisher at Forefront Books, Justin is responsible for creating strategic licensing partnerships with companies and individuals to create publishing imprints and works with individuals to build their brand and business through authorship. He’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, business leaders, athletes, and celebrities bring their stories to the world and will continue to be a trailblazer in the publishing industry. Justin also serves as Publisher for Worth Books through the publishing partnership between Forefront Books and Worth Media.

And that's not all! He is Chief Farmer, Leader, and Coach of True South Farm. True South Farm is a family farm that has become an executive event venue located just outside Nashville, TN. The venue hosts weddings, corporate retreats, fatherhood events, young adult "recharge" events and Spartan Camps. As Chief Farmer, Justin uses his work ethic and complete lack of farmer skills to grow crops and manage the animals! As a Leader and Coach, Justin's role is to create the curriculum and run the events for corporate retreats, fatherhood events, "recharge" events, and Spartan Camps. Located on over 15 acres the property features an event barn, multi-sports court, pool, infrared sauna, gym, and 360-degree views of the Tennessee hills.


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